Hello, my name is Sam and welcome back to my blog! In this blog post, I will be talking about the week 6 student blogging challenge! If you haven’t seen my previous student blogging challenges yet, make sure to check them out! Also, please leave a comment, much support will be appreciated. Anyways, let’s jump right in to my week 6 challenge.

In this week’s challenge, we were tasked to research a scientific subject we were interested in. Than we were tasked to find a video about the topic and quiz you guys on the video at the end! You don’t have to take the quiz but please do anyways.

Now, I will tell you the topic I’ve chosen. I chose the universe topic, or more specific, how old is the Universe? How old is Earth? Well, let me tell you something. There are no exact number but I will tell you approximately how much it is. 

First, let’s start off small. Let’s start with Earth. Based off of my research, it is said that the earth has been around for 4.5 billion years. That’s a lot isn’t it? Well lets find out how they found out in the video below.

Now that we know a little about Earth, let’s move on to the big part of this subject. The Universe. Well, before I go deeper, the universe is big. Like, really really really really really big. The Earth compared to the universe is like a tiny needle in a gigantic hay stack. Anyways, let’s talk about how old it actually is. Scientist has estimated the age to approximately 13.8 billion years old. Thats pretty old!

Now that we have gone over the learning, it’s time for a little game. The 2 truth and a lie game. Alright here they are. Oh wait, before we start, you must watch those videos first! Also, please don’t cheat! The answer is at the bottom of the blog post. Now that you’ve watched the videos, here they are!

1. They used radiometric dating to find out the age of earth

2. 13.8 is not the age of the universe, it’s how much we know of the universe

3. Scientist has discovered about the Electroweak Epoch to know the age of th universe

Before I let you go, please comment down below your answers and any questions you might have. For now, I’ll see you next time. Peace.









Answer: Number 3 was the lie