Blogging Challenge Day 10: Mushrooms!

Hello world,

For this blogging Challenge I will be talking about mushrooms! (I know this is a really weird topic, but it will make sense in a moment). The point of this blogging challenge is to present any topic and share the skills that you’ve learn throughout making previous blog posts. The topic that I’ve chose is mushrooms.

The reason why I’ve decided on mushrooms is because of a past moment of my life when I received something. I was once on a spring break holiday at a close friends vacation home. When I was bored and wanted something to do I saw something on the coffee table that was located in front of me. The object in front of me was a book about mushrooms. I was really curious about what was inside so I toke a peek and discovered a new world about mushrooms! When I had to leave from my the vacation house I was really sad because I had to leave the book behind. Once I was on my way home I reached a small local shop and in the shop had the same mushroom book that I was reading before. I then begged my parents to get it for me an they did. I was then interested in mushrooms ever since. 

The main point about mushrooms I would like to make is that there are many different varieties of mushrooms. Some mushrooms are poisonous and some are edible, but don’t taste very good. I’ve made a mind map to list some types of mushrooms and if they are poisonous.

[ click here for some mushrooms info!]

The content in this mind map shows mushrooms from the mushroom book that I received. I decided to list the certain mushrooms such as, the Blacking Russula, Shaggy Mane, Witch’s Hat, Red-Bleted Ploypore, and the Bearded Tooth.         


These mushrooms relate to me because they are mushrooms that can be found in North American west coast. This can then emphasize on how I enjoy to express the nature around me. I find that these types of mushrooms are interesting because I can actually find them up close.

I like to understand what I’m learning, so that’s why I enjoy seeing certain mushrooms up close. That is why I love different type of mushrooms! Do you have a favourite mushroom?

– Alicia 😄

⚠️ I’m am not a health professional: DO NOT rely on my knowledge!!!



5 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 10: Mushrooms!

  1. Hey Alicia,

    Interesting subject! I don’t really know much about mushrooms so it was cool to learn a bit more about them.

    I also don’t really like to eat mushrooms. I think its mainly the looks and texture that I don’t like about them, but I would be very interested in what your favourite mushrooms are to eat!


    1. Hi Nolan,
      I’m glad to see your interested in this topic. Personally I like Agaricus bisporus mushrooms (which are the most common mushrooms). I only like mushrooms raw for some reason!
      -Alicia 😀

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