This project was all about colonization and its consequences – hence the name!

We started by looking at art piece drawn by C.W Jefferys and interpreting the art works. We then we re interpreted them to be either in a balanced or indigenous point of view. I chose an art piece called “The Founding of Halifax”. It featured only Europeans who were building their new homes/life in Halifax. To re create the art in a balanced view i added indigenous to show their point of view. I added indigenous mourning over the destroyed land, get mad at the Europeans and asking them to stop and also questioning the Europeans. We then had to creat an AR video on YouTube basically explaining all of the things we had learned through the art and also answer the driving questions.

Original piece!

The first art chart!

Re interpreted art chart!

Recreated art!

Recreated Art chart!

Driving question answers!

Keystone 1 – What changed about European powers worldview:

I think when the Europeans first came over to North America they were there just to claim the land, take it, then head back to Europe to tell their king. I think when they got there they realized that life could be much better in North America – new beautiful land, different stuff, power – people to control, and more money. I think when they got there they realized that a more permanent life style in North America was an option – and in fact one of the better options

Keystone 2: What were the consequences of the European powers’ change in worldview at the time? I think the Europeans didn’t think that the indigenous would fight back and say “hey actually no! This is our land!” So o think it caused a lot of destruction but frustration and death for many. The sicknesses that Europeans gave to the Indigenous and also the wars that happened. I think it also caused a lot of trade! The Indigenous had lots of stuff that the Europeans needed like furs for the long winters but also the Europeans also had stuff that the indigenous thought were new and cool like the different weapons

Keystone 3: What are the consequences of colonization today? I think some of the consequences and results that we see from colonizations today are things like how we acknowledge who’s land we are actually on before important meetings or assemblies or that we speak English and not an indigenous language. I also think lots of indigenous are still dealing with lots of trauma that the colonizers caused. Its also the reason of many treaties that are still in act today and the new ones that are being made that promise to give back the land

Final question: What did European settlement mean for all involved? I think for the Europeans it was really a step forward in their quality of life and an advancement in things like technologies and tools. It also created much more opportunity for money and jobs since their was so much more land to cover. I think for the indigenous it was the exact opposite. It was traumatic for lots of them. It caused a lot of death with all of the diseases the Europeans brought over that indigenous weren’t immune to. It took there land home, and freedom them and left them with no place to go. It also caused many wars that the indigenous mostly didnt win resulting in even more death. It was great for some people and even more tragic and traumatic for others.

thanks for reading!