I had the amazing opportunity to go to Oregon with my class to get to learn about some pretty cool things from some pretty cool people. Some of the stuff we learned went from how to make cheese to Hinomaru Yosegaki and they are being returned.

I think my favourite thing we got to do on the trip was the tide pools. We got to see some amazing animals, even seals give birth! It was a super cool experience. My favourite animals= was the gumboot chiton only for its nickname, the wandering meatloaf!

not only did I get to learn new and cool facts but I also got to learn some life skills. Some of these included how survive without wifi, how to sleep on a moving vehicle, and how to pack lightly. This trip also required lots of patience and flexibility. I think as the trip went on I slowly got better with these.

i really enjoyed this trip and I think it was a great experience.  I have attached below a journal I kept during the trip of some photos I took and some things I learned!