Thursday June 15th 2023 we had our spring exhibition! The theme was pathways! For my exhibition project I got to go to Oregon and interview someone from the Hatfield marine science center! Her name was Lindsay and she was the Marine Education and Outreach Coordinator. She was awesome, super helpful and very welcoming! The Hatfield marine science center is part of the Oregon state university. From this interview I took notes and with those notes I created an advertisement for the Hatfield Marine Science center. 

Here it is!

This process was tough and very long! I created a total of 7 drafts, each critiqued by Ms willemse and the class! To create this ad we learned about things like pathos, ethos and logos to make it appealing to the public. We also learned about the different appeals, techniques, and how colours work to catch the eye of the public. We also we created a launch journal to show the process and learning of this project to the parents and to organize our ideas!


I think this was the most interesting project we did this year! I enjoyed getting to be hands on, talk to people in the real world and travelling to a new and super cool place. I feel I really grew as a learner during this project. All year I think I’ve only got 2 or 3 revisions and so this really was the epitome of the revision process. It taught me to take critiques and use it to expand on my work and make my work even better. I also really got better at being help, kind, and specific with my critiques when critiquing others work!

This was the final project of the year! Bye grade 8!