Revolution’s on Trial!

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This is part 2 of the Revolution on Nation X!  I just finished doing this project and have created multiple different things along the way.  Enjoy!

Driving Question:  How did revolutions bring down empires and change societies around the world?

We started off by doing a simulation on Nation X, we role played as different citizens within a corrupt country and got to choose what we do.  If you are interested more on reading about this, I have created a full blog post on this.  Click here for the full summary.  After that, we reflected on what happened.   When a government is corrupt, the lower-class people will revolt from the royalty.

Brinton Graphic

For our first keystone, we had to create a Brinton Graphic that showed the anatomy of the revolution.  A revolution has 4different stages, moderate (people are not super happy), incubation (the moderates start protesting that is unsuccessful), crisis (the radicals have fully attacked and declared war on the nobilities) and recovery (the nation slowly getting better).  It had to include all 4 stages and other key information that was happening.  I think I did a pretty good job, I added 2 extra stages, setting the scene and conclusion so that it could have more information.

Graphic Organizer

For the graphic organizer, I had to choose a revolution to research on.  I found the French Revolution quite interesting; it included famous people like King Louis and Napoleon.  A couple other people chose the French revolution, Cameron B, Jackson, Mackenzie, Logan and Evangeline.  The organizer was required to include:

  • A timeline
  • Key figures
  • The revolution’s name and date
  • Key triggers
  • Underlying conditions
  • Continuity and change
  • Ineffectiveness and effectiveness of the revolution.

We then presented it to our other group members and made changed on advice that was given.

Revolution Trial Video

The last keystone that was part of the project was a revolution video that had to prove whether the revolution was effective or ineffective.  Our group had to argue that it was effective, so we had to bring up points and evidence to back up our claim.  Some of the things we brought up was how Napoleon took control of France and lead many successful military conquests.  We also created an affidavit to plan out arguments inside the video.  Overall, I think that the video we produced was not the best due to the short time span we had.  Cameron B, one of the main roles, also had to leave midway through filming to go to Yukon.  Some parts were also not audible because of the fact that some of us were wearing masks.  The editing could have also been improved in some aspects.


In conclusion, I found this project quite fun, the starting simulation was also one of my favourite projects that we did.  The only thing that I feel like we could have done better was create a better revolution trial video.  However, I am quite proud of all the other work that I created.  I think the graphic organizer and crane Brinton graphic was pretty well made.

To answer the driving question, revolution was a big part of our society.  Many of them shaped the world to how it is today.  Some of the big revolutions created new things to benefit citizens.  In the French revolution, the declaration of human rights and man was created to better the living conditions.  Corrupt governments/royalties would exploit the lower-class citizens and use them for more money, resources and other things.  On top of that, the peasants would usually live in famine and poor conditions.  These are some of the underlying causes for the people to revolt.

Thanks for reading!


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