Viral Videos are Fun!


Today, I will be going over a week of school in Maker!  We created 5 different videos that utilize different skills and techniques.  This included jump cut, green screen and much more.  Hope you enjoy reading this mini blog post!

The first mini video was the jump cut, I worked with Andrew and Charlie M to create this.  Jump cut is a technique that allows people to disappear from a frame.  You basically cut the video when you want to disappear and replay it when you want to continue.  Here is my video:


After that, we created AR snow globes that included something random inside.  We used and app called AR maker to create these videos.  I chose to put a selfie with me, Cameron B and Dylan.


We then created a video that utilized green screen.  For this one, I worked with Keenan.  We decided to green screen ourselves on Mount Fuji, since it was beautiful.  Later, Daniel told me I should make it erupt so that it could be more interesting.  I listened and implemented it into my video.


For the next one, we reused AR maker.  We had to use memoji’s that told a story.  We also had to draw the rest of the memoji’s body so that it was not just a head.  For my story, I decided that I would run away from a dragon, so I drew the rest of its body.  Here is that video:


For the final video, we worked in partners to recreate a viral short video. I decided to work with Charlie M again, and originally planned to create a compilation of Zach King videos.  Later we decided to change it due to the short amount of times we had.  This is my final video:

Overall, doing this short learning week was very interesting and I learnt a lot about video techniques.  However, I think that some of the videos that I created could have been a bit better quality.

Thanks for reading!


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