Mind over Matter

Keystone 1:

Keystone 1 was mostly learning about how we interact matter .What matter is and ways we can describe matter .

Their are two main ways we can describe matter ,we can describe its physical properties or chemical properties .A physical property is a property of a substance that can be observes without changing the substance itself .Like its looks or its density .And a chemical property is related to its chemical attributes like its reactivy or pH level .During keystone 1 we did activity’s observing chemical or physical properties .Some things we did include ,finding the density of objects by dividing mass by the volume or doing experiments to find out wether something it was a physical or chemical change .
Our final project in keystone 1 was about making observations about an object we choose :

keystone 2:

Keystone 2 was learning about different states of matter

We learnt that there are four states of matter solid ,liquid ,gas, and plasma .We also learnt the kinetic Molecular Theory and how matter changes in state .We played with an program that showed how different matter act when in different temperatures.It showed us how matter was always moving and how different temperature can change the state of matter .Also relating to KTM we leant about diffusion and osmosis which we did an experiment on .Out final project in keystone 2 diffusing gummy bears .This project was very intriguing as we had to come up
with our own experiment including our hypothesis ,our process, and our findings .

Keystone 3:

Keystone 3 was to create a video game that showcases any scientific concept we leant during this project

I used scratch to code my video game because it was easier to grasp and actually make a game that other coding programs .I decided to make a zombie shooter game that highlight the four stages of matter .I tried to play with scratch for a little bit and watched some videos to understand the basic mechanics of the software but I couldn’t actually figure out how I would make my game actually work .So I decided to break everything down by starting on the basics and adding more complex elements to the game as I go. Using this method and watching some scratch tutorials I managed to finish my game .
The game – You had to shoot matter zombies and each wave gets increasingly difficult as the zombies changes its state .It starts out with slow solid zombies (Because the molecules in a solid are slower than the other stages) and ends with an extremely hard plasma final wave .

Overall this project challenged my critical thinking skills and improved my understanding on

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