Becoming a PLP Learner

The Driving Question: How do I build and strengthen the PLP learning team?

In this project, we had to answer the question above. 

To start, we began working on this thing called Big Life Journal. The Big Life Journal (BLJ) is this book that’s about mindsets, and reaching your goals, planning out your goals, and exploring your interests. Over the course of this project, we worked through the five chapters that BLJ has. 

The next part of this project was to make a ‘Memoji’. If you’re wondering what that is, it is a emoji of yourself. We had to create a Memoji that looks like us, and then make stickers and put them on the Memoji. If you want to see my Memoji, you can see it later in this blog post, in a video that I made, or you can go to my team contract page and see it there. 

Another thing we did was a Wordpack image. We had to brainstorm a bunch of words that would finish the sentence ‘I am…’ Then we brought all of that into this app called ‘Wordpack’. I have included mine below.


Below is the video that I made, it has my Memoji explanation, BLJ three best works, my team contract creative media, and a couple of other things. 

We had a PLP Exhibition a little while ago, and we had to make guided tour to show all the parents of the PLP Gr. 8 students (you can see the video version of this above). In our table groups, we chose a costume and theme for the exhibition night. We had the best costumes.  

From left to right: Sofia, Hannah (Me!), Keira, Charlie, Tom, and Francis

Our theme was Mafia, if you were wondering. Awesome right?

Anyways, during the exhibition, all the parents were going around, and critiquing students presentations, and they had these pieces of paper, on which they wrote critique for us. Below, I had included the four pieces of critique I received, two from my parents, and two from others. A side note about critique- Critique must always be kind, helpful and specific. For example, you cannot say: ‘Oh. It was good’. That is not helpful. Or specific. If my Maker or Humanities teachers heard you say that, they would not be pleased. You also can’t say: ‘That was the most horrific presentation I have ever witnessed! You did such a horrible job! Your parents would be (and most likely are) ashamed! That is not helpful. Nor kind. Or specific. 

I don’t know if you could tell, but I’m quite interested in Japan.


Throughout this project, I have created a Team Contract, a guided tour, a Memoji, a user’s manual for myself, and plenty of other things. This was so I could answer the driving question: How can I build and strengthen the PLP learning team? I believe I answered this question in this very post, and if you were paying attention,  you would know how I build and strengthen the PLP learning team.

Thanks for reading! Have a good night (or day)!

And because I want to, I’m adding a quote-

“Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.”

– Alan Moore 


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