Avatar box and presentation

Pandora’s box

I had built my box to represent the mining companies coming to pandora, and then destroying the environment to get the unobtainium. The process of building my box was pretty easy. I measured, and cut my cardboard to the correct size, then in painted the entire box but left the outside unpainted on purpose to make it look like a shipping box. Once the box was done I started making the inside. I added some fake moss, dirt and tissue paper flames, but the real star of the show was the 3-d printed parts that I made. I made a tree and two mining drills. Then i finished my box off with two mini drones carrying the tree and then added some glass rocks for unobtainium. 

The presentation night

The presentation night was pretty easy and calm we had a few guests but at the group we were at was very relaxed. I personally had a very good experience 

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