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This Blog post  is about the project we just finished in Maker called Constructive Creative Communication. This Post ties together the 2 previous posts in Herzog and Carr. Here are the links to the 2 different posts for your reference. Carr Post and Herzog.

This post is broken up in four parts: the driving question of the  project, then what I learned, next my favourite part of the project and finally the adult world connection of this project.

Firstly, the driving question is “How might I use technology to create and communicate?” I thought about using technology to communicate with people that I might have a language barrier with. Like for example if I am communicating with a person who is Deaf and I do not know sign language I can email, text, or draw something on my iPad and never know they might be Deaf. This could also apply to someone who I don’t speak the same language as. Now for the Carr side of things. For the create section well I mean. Carr was all about drawing stuff so creating and being creative was a big part of this side of the project. But for communicating you can use art to communicate by the background and the people or things in the foreground.

What did I learn about this project? Well I would say the biggest thing I learned was all the different angles of shots you can take as a photographer. That’s for Herzog but the biggest thing I learned for Carr would be: To get better at drawing angles. Like 3D art I definitely learned a lot about the different shapes in that.I learned from Herzog that I can create and communicate with photos.  For example, by using the photos we took in Herzog and then drawing over top of it using layers in drawing apps on our iPads. I also learned that every single picture and photo tells a story. This story could be shown by where the photograph was taken, who it was meant for or what it was taken of.  Like how Fred Herzog took pictures of parts of Vancouver as a urban landscape to shadow a story about how nice the east side was back then when the photograph was taken and how broken it is know.

I learned from Carr that perspective and shading can help you a lot with art if you know how to use it. I never knew how to shade  or show perspective well. However, with a quick lesson in Maker I did pretty good. For example I  one could never draw a hallway right or stuff that looked like a cylinder. It would always look like the paper was flat not going inward but now I can.

My favourite part of the project was Carr but I also enjoyed learning in Herzog. I enjoyed Carr more because I like draw the picture more than take it. By drawing you can talk to your friends while doing it as well as ask them for advice on what tool to use or what colour. I also enjoyed it more because I actually got better at art learning how to use the different tools in Sketches Pro. I might not like Herzog yet because I haven’t really learned how to photograph well.

This was my favourite assignment because I learned a lot and it was fun to see what my classmates did. I also liked this assignment because it was super creative because it was just freehand.

This was also lots of fun because it was my best piece of art yet. I creatively drew over a photograph using layers to better highlight the chairlift instead of the view behind it.

The adult world connection is a big part of PLP. We don’t use adult world connections enough in school and that’s why PLP incorporates it into the real world. We need the adult world connection to be prepared as an adult for jobs and adult life in general.


In summary, this project was not necessarily about getting better at drawing or taking pictures but just to get better at creatively communicating your message.

Thank you everyone for reading this blog post I hope you enjoyed this blog post.


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