Destination Imagination Regionals

Destination imagination regionals happened and soon we’ll be moving onto provincials. Before we do so I think now is a great time to share with you all the work we’ve put in so far and what improvements we need to make. If you don’t know what DI is already click here to see the post I made of it last year, you can also click here to see the official DI website which they go into more detail about who they are and what they’re trying to do with these competitions.

Before the big presentation we had time to make a story and a solution. We started by filling out forms so we had a plan. Those forms aren’t very interesting to talk about so I will just move onto what we did next.

After the forms were complete we immediately moved onto the story as this was what we would be building off of so we could have a solution to the problem in the end. The story you see here was our final story but before we got to this we had plenty of revisions that we made. You can see the comparison between the two stories and just how many changes we had to make for our story to actually make sense.

The member of my group for DI this year are Angelo, Asha, Holly, and Anders. We chose to do the fine arts challenge. For this challenge we had to recreate a photo. Since this was our challenge it made our story that much more important because we had to somehow tie in this photo into the presentation. Not only have we spent so much time on our story so far I think we will need to make even more revisions moving onto the provincial tournament. We will also have to add a character to our story as I have been away on a school trip and I didn’t have a role in the story. This could prove as more of a challenge than we anticipated since it could change the story dramatically if we add another character so we will have to communicate well and consider all different aspects of the story and consider how this new character were adding could affect each part.

Another big revision we have to make is our backdrop. Due to poor communication the backdrop wasn’t planned very well. Since our group is the fine arts group it is also very important we do a good job of what makes our presentation unique. We don’t have very much time to work on it at school it will be a test of ho well we can problem solve and fix our backdrop in a short amount of time.

Although I wasn’t there to experience the terrifying feeling of presenting a DI performance in front of many people you know I will be there for provincials and I’m looking forward to what will come. I’m also looking forward to seeing what the end product will look like and the revisions we will have to make to get there.

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