Mind over matter!

Since spring break, I have been working on a new science section. Our project was about 3 states of matter. We learned about how to measure objects mass, volume and density. We got to experiment with making experiments with gummy bears. Our final project was to create a video game that shows what we have learned in science.

Who am I?

For science, our first project was to describe a random object of our choice. We learned about the different ways to describe an object using scientific methods. I learned about how to measure out mass, volume and density with an object. We learned about the qualitative and quantitative descriptors for objects and their meanings. For our keystone, we had to choose a random object then find the mass, volume and density, the physical and chemical properties, and the quantitative and qualitative properties. For my object I decided to use a box of paper clips.

Gummy bear diffusion 

Gummy bear diffusion

Our gummy bear diffusion lab was by far my favourite lab so far, because I got to steal so many gummy bears to eat afterwards. With this project, we got to create and run our own experiments with partners. We had to make the driving question, hypothesis, observations and a research answer. My partner and I decided to experiment how different brands of gums react in different liquids. We put smart sweets, regular gummy’s  and sour patch kids into carbonated water, vinegar, and regular water. Our hypothesis was that the different brands wouldn’t affect the reaction but that the acidity in the vinegar would dissolve the gummy’s , and that the carbon in the gummy’s  would cause it to bubble and disform. We left out gummy’s  overnight so that we could give more time for the reaction to happen. The first thing that I noticed was that the carbon in the carbonated water caused all of the gummy’s  to grow mold. The normal water only caused the gummy’s expand greatly. The vinegar made the gummy’s quite soft and easier to break. Overall I would say that we had a lot more surprises that came with out experiment then we would have expected. 

Video game pitch

Our final project was to create a video game, but before we started we had to create a video game pitch. I wanted to make a game that would be simple enough to create so that I could be able to add more details to elevate it. I started off with the idea of making a somewhat simple pong game that I planned on creating multiple levels for. My idea for the game is that the balls are atoms that you are trying to keep from touching the radioactive particles at the bottom. As you further into the game more atoms appear, to represent how atoms move faster as the heat rises. 

Final video game 

For my final video game, I had a lot of fun creating it. I used a basic starter lesson to learn how to create some off the basic code for my game. I then used my googling skills and some simple logic to figure out how to create code to make multiple levels. I would say that this project wasn’t the most difficult but the coding techniques in scratch was a bit difficult to understand. The most difficult thing to make in scratch was the start screen because I couldn’t figure out how to make the characters hide until the player started the game. 

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