Becoming a PLP learner

The first piece of learning we did was the Big Life Journal, and we did five Big Life Journals. I enjoyed doing Big Life Journal because it was the first big thing we did with our Apple Pencil. We got to learn how to use them and that you can swipe from the corner and that triggers a motion to swipe out of the app.

Next we did the user manual. I liked doing the user manual because it was the most writing that I had done in a long time. I really liked it because you made it look and sound like a real user manual, and usually you don’t read user manuals or they are not fun to read but I think these user manuals were more fun to read.

The last thing we did was the keynote presentation. This was fun because it was my first time making a presentation on keynote, and it was fun learning about all of the different features on the app. I was nervous when they said we had to present in front of other people’s parents but it was fun and exiting, and I think I would want to do it again. 

How can I build and strengthen the PLP learning team? I can build and strengthen the PLP learning team by being an important asset to my group and the PLP team because I have learned this past month on how to give good feedback to my group members and how to work cooperatively and thoughtfully in a group.





Medium is the message

  • This was the first ad that I made as you can see its pretty basic

I was exited about the launch because I love designing things. In the launch we learned the basics of designing an ad. We then reflected on the Welcome Home ad by Apple. Apple also usually has pretty detailed ads so we got to see what a good ad looks like and that gave some people an idea of what a good ad looks like. Next was building knowledge where we looked at the IKEA assembly service ad where it was I really simple ad where I learned later that for that ad IKEA used the KISS (keep it simple stupid) ad technique. We also looked at historical ads were we looked at some old ads then we picked are own ad of safari and had to right a paragraph about the ad the ad. We then made are first individual ad you can see mine in the slideshow. After we showed are group are first second third and so on we got revisions from are group and then put those revisions into are ad. When we finished are individual ads we started to work on the group ad. My group made 2 drafts and we sent the 2 draft two are business but they haven’t responded yet. After this project the way i look at ads is different because i now know how much work goes into ads and how many revisions and drafts you have to make.