Scimatics blog post

Scimatics comic cells, this project the goal in the end was to make a comic about a virus. The driving question for this project is “how to cells and diseases interact” my answer to the question is Viruses make us sick by killing cells or disrupting cells function. The our bodies react with fevers coughing and so on. My favourite part of this project was drawing the comic some of my drawings are good but some aren’t. I think that in this project I could be more detailed in the writing portion, because some of my lines aren’t clear or are simple and boring to read. 

To make the comic we first started with picking a virus I chose coronavirus because I already know a lot about when then researched are virus and made a story board I did two story boards because my first one wasn’t really a story and more just facts. My second one was a little better my final comic was good but I think I could’ve done better.

Thanks for reading my blog post today at the bottom of the blog post are some photos of the project my comic is also there.


PLP exhibition

The spring exhibition was fun I was part of a group called tech for learning. In my group I had 16 people. With both Grade 8s and grade 9s, we worked well together to create a very nice looking room we had app decorations we also had cookies that were decorated to looked like notability, pages and things.

I initially thought that the Spring Exhibition was going to be a lot like the Winter Exhibition PLP 8, one area of learning in a performance and everyone spends the majority of their time waiting around. However this was not the case, and it was actually quite the opposite. PLP 8 had centre stage at this exhibition, and it was our job to design pretty much half of the exhibition. PLP 8 was divided into stations and rooms and on top of this we also had the grade 9’s to work with. 

This exhibition I think I could’ve done a better job at making the thing I actually showed of I showed of my scimatics ultimate design challenge were I made a house but I could’ve done a better job explaining it. I also could’ve helped my group more.

Thank you for reading my blog post this is probably my last blog post for grade 8


New France blog post

The driving question for the New France project was “what did the establishment of New France mean for all the people involved” The answer for this question is all the people involved got good things such as new relationships, trade routs and a place to live but they also got a lot of bad things in return such as starvation, hypothermia and conflicts. In this project we learned about New France and what happened in New France. We then picked a topic about New France and went into depth about that topic and we made two visuals and put it into a website were you can slide to reveal the photo under neath. On one side of the photo it would be why your topic is bad and on the other side its why its good. We also did a trade simulation were we got into groups and each groups got different items and we had to trade to get new items.

I think in this project I could’ve made better visuals because I didn’t put as much effort that I could’ve. In this project I did a really good job at staying on task which was one of my goals for the end of the year. 

Here is my two visuals art