PLP exhibition

The spring exhibition was fun I was part of a group called tech for learning. In my group I had 16 people. With both Grade 8s and grade 9s, we worked well together to create a very nice looking room we had app decorations we also had cookies that were decorated to looked like notability, pages and things.

I initially thought that the Spring Exhibition was going to be a lot like the Winter Exhibition PLP 8, one area of learning in a performance and everyone spends the majority of their time waiting around. However this was not the case, and it was actually quite the opposite. PLP 8 had centre stage at this exhibition, and it was our job to design pretty much half of the exhibition. PLP 8 was divided into stations and rooms and on top of this we also had the grade 9’s to work with. 

This exhibition I think I could’ve done a better job at making the thing I actually showed of I showed of my scimatics ultimate design challenge were I made a house but I could’ve done a better job explaining it. I also could’ve helped my group more.

Thank you for reading my blog post this is probably my last blog post for grade 8


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