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Scimatics comic cells, this project the goal in the end was to make a comic about a virus. The driving question for this project is “how to cells and diseases interact” my answer to the question is Viruses make us sick by killing cells or disrupting cells function. The our bodies react with fevers coughing and so on. My favourite part of this project was drawing the comic some of my drawings are good but some aren’t. I think that in this project I could be more detailed in the writing portion, because some of my lines aren’t clear or are simple and boring to read. 

To make the comic we first started with picking a virus I chose coronavirus because I already know a lot about when then researched are virus and made a story board I did two story boards because my first one wasn’t really a story and more just facts. My second one was a little better my final comic was good but I think I could’ve done better.

Thanks for reading my blog post today at the bottom of the blog post are some photos of the project my comic is also there.


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