Exciting electricity in this project are goal was to make a fully functional custom operation game we did this alone but we could work along side eachother. I used a old shoe box that keoton gave me I then wrapped the box with black paper and made the top blue I then designed the shape that would be on top of my box I chose a hockey stick and puck. I printed it out cut it and coloured it then I glued it to the top of my box. I then cut the holes for the game pieces and put tin foil on the bottom of the box. Then I made the circuit which was the hardest part but not for me I was the first person to successfully build the circuit I im pretty proud of my self.

In this project I used my creative thinking skill to design a appealing box and my collaborating skill when helping my friends with their box. I think I deserve a sunshine because I made a successful box and circuit.

Here you will see some photos and a video of my box working IMG_2461

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