Roller coaster

The roller coaster blog post begins with the challenge of creating a roller coaster with a limited budget of one million dollars. My team, composed of Cam L, Mackenzie, and Evangeline, worked together to design and build a functional roller coaster with a corkscrew and many turns. Despite the limitations, we managed to come in second place in the competition.

Throughout the project, I utilized my creative thinking skills to come up with innovative ideas for the roller coaster’s design. However, I realize that I could have done better in terms of paying attention to the needs of my group members and assisting them more effectively.

In conclusion, this roller coaster project was a valuable and fun learning experience for me as it allowed me to put my creative thinking skills to the test while working with a team. Despite some areas for improvement, I am proud of the final product and the success we achieved as a team.

Here are some photos and video of this project

IMG_2450 IMG_2451

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