I made my triptych over the past month on what I believed would turn out visually a peeling, put some taste into it. I learned about how I could use tools from so many different places to make one finished product with a combination of different ideas to make one. I believe you can use that mindset on those thoughts in different context such as when you’re at a job or such. I loved doing this project as it was what YOU wanted and it gave you a lot of freedom to do as such. My favourite part of this was the centre panel with a modernized version of the other photos. Thank you very much and click here!

Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world by giving new opportunities like new jobs and ideas that have made our generation and our world thrive. At that time people did not have near half the freedom we have today. Back then your life could be decided if someone just did not like you, but to get where we are today our ancestors had to go through obstacles so we have new opportunities.


The new ideas from the renaissance changed the renaissance world by making modern medicine. It is now unthinkable not to have and also made cures that people were considering incurable. This again created new opportunities for not only healthier living, however many jobs branched out from medical research.


What conclusions can you make about the traditional ideas that people had before the renaissance? Everything was in the primitive stages so was the mindset, they had no reading of right and wrong so that was how the church came to power. If we look back now we may not understand why they didn’t just use their numbers, however they neither had the education less the skills and knowledge to do so.


What conclusions can you make about new ideas from the renaissance have changed your world today? There are many different ways that the renaissance has impacted our world today, saying that one of the most impactful ways the renaissance impacted us today was the making of the sun dial or time in general.


In conclusion, the way that the ideas from Europe and Asia changed our lifestyle today for the better is the fact that not only were these great innovations impacting the lives of people in the past however it made new opportunities to educate and improve our society in the same manner that we are living today.