So far this PLP science year we learned many things. For one many things about bacteria or viruses such as pathogens and such. Also the so called heroes of the immune system like the T cells, B cells, antibody, the white blood cell and many more un mentioned. The poster was a sort of way to put into words and images what we were talking and learning about. We put into display via our poster a nice display that was visually appealing and I believe was a nice way to show a little taste of what we had been working on in a fun sense. COVID 19 took nearly 7 million lives and infected almost 100 x that with nearly 700 million cases of COVID 19. Thankfully, 656,653,709 of the 683,688,663 made their recovery. Science teaches us about so many things which we will come across later in life. We may face tough challenges with viruses in the future however if we have enough bright scientists it will be easy to counteract it and avoid a crisis such as the one we are recovering from.