New Beginnings: But The Last For Humanities

Hello, welcome to or back to my blog. In this post I will be talking about my last and most recent project in humanities. Our driving question was “What did the establishment of New France mean for all the people involved.” During this project we learned about New France and everything they needed to do for it to be successful. We also learned about the Indigenous people and the fur trading that went on.

Some topics and jobs that helped New France evolve were: 


In the 17th and 18th century, habitants were independent land owners who made a homestead. Habitants  got lots of privileges and obligations, such as, they had the right to small-scale fur trading, other people without the title of “habitant” they were prohibited from trading. For more information click here.


Seigneurs were based on the European feudal system, Seigneurs were plots of land given to men in return for loyalty to the king and a promise to give military service when needed. For more information click here.

Filles du Roi

From 1663 – 1673 the King sponsored around 800 single women to immigrant to New France. Most of these women were orphans with little money and were picked up off the streets. They immigrated to New France with the position to make the area more populated. For more information click here.


Missionaries were different groups of people that came to New France to convert the Indigenous peoples to Christianity. They mostly lived in Indigenous communities to hope to spread their religion or to set up Catholic schools. For more information click here.

Coureurs des Bois 

The Coureurs des Bois were unlicensed fur traders from New France, they are also known as “Wood-Runners.” Coureurs des Bois were considered outlaws because they didn’t have permits to to trade from colonial authorities. For more information click here.

The topic I focused on during this project was the Filles du Roi. We first researched our topics and had to find out lots of different information about how they helped New France’s development. In case you were wondering here was my work I did for the research.

Once we were knowledgeable about our topic we then were launched with Flourish. Flourish is a website where you can put two images inside and there is a slider to move from side to side. All you need to do is to set up an account.

If you would like to check Flourish out click here.

For our project we needed to make two images with symbols that have meaning. Both images also had to show two points of view about your topic, most people, like me showed one side as an advertisement that could have been shown to people is was directed at, mine was pointed to  women of poverty. The first image shows limited information while my second image shows a lot of information and things that I didn’t show in my first photo. The first photo should be fun, exciting and adventurous considering it would be a new path were as the second photo shows the more informative side and sadder side of Filles du Roi.

Once I was done both sides and after multiple takes on both images I ended up with really good photos that clearly showed two perspectives on the Filles du Roi. I put my two images into Flourish and this is what I got! Move the Blue slider left and right to see both the images.


Overall this project was really fun, I enjoyed learning and making two perspectives of the Filles du Roi. Coming back to the driving question i think that everyone’s jobs were hard no matter which one they are but they all had a very crucial part of the development of New France. Learning Filles du Roi and New France was super fascinating and I can’t wait for wait next years Humanities projects.

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