Handle With Care? Ecosystems? 🌿

Hi, welcome to or back to my blog! Before I start off with what you will be seeing I would like to say that I hope you had a great summer and that I’m back!

Anyways in this blog post I will be talking about the first project I have done in Science! In this project we learned The driving question for this project was: “In what was have human beings impacted the delicate cycles within our ecosystem and how can we lessen our impact?” For this project we did tons of fun assignments! 

The First assignment was to make a gif explaining how micro plastics can show bioaccumulation. I really annoyed this assignment and I feel it is the one I am most proud of. I’m very glad how the animation came out. Anyways here it is:

The second one one was about food webs and ecosystems! The assignment was to make a piece of media of a food web ecosystem. Some people approached this assignment by drawing it or making an interactive one on scratch like me! You also had to make a small paragraph to explain more about it. I think one way I could have improved was the time management, I feel if I managed my time better I could have handed it in on time.


Another great example of some of the fun assignments we got to do was a News Report video on something effecting an ecosystem. My group members, Keira, Christian, and I were assigned “Pinnipeds (Seals and Sea Lions) in BC.” It was about how salmon populations are decreasing and we are killing lots of seals, a predator of the salmon, because of it. Our video show cases different perspectives on the problem and a solution to benefit the salmon. This assignment was really fun to make and was a great way to learn about the salmon problem. One way I could improve on videos is the planing of where to film. On the day we filmed I feel it could have been organized better.

Anyways, without further ado here is my video!

For my final example of the fun different assignments we got to do was PSA! For this we needed to make 5 different, real or fake, social media posts that covered 5 different topics we learned about! The topics were: The Earth Spheres, Bioaccumulation/Magnification, Food Webs, Wild life Management and Nutrient Cycles! I used a fake social media post generator for my posts but some people used a real account. I liked this assignment but I feel I could have, again, been better at managing my time. I feel I could have done better if I planned out when to work on it.

Here are my 5 different social media posts! 

Overall I really enjoyed working on this project. I found it really fun, especially the hands on projects. I listen a few things on what to get better at with all the assignments but over all I feel I have to get better at time management. I feel I could have been more organized with getting assignments in on time and figuring out when to work on things. For my next project I will try to set small goals to try and improve on this. In conclusion I really enjoyed this project and I will try to work on time management. Thank you for reading and I will see you in my next one!

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