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Hello everyone!

This blog post is about a project we did called finding fun with videos! We learned lots of skills such as, jump cut, AR skills, green screen editing, and stop motion!

This was a very quick project but, it was really fun to do! You might not know what any of the words up above mean but, that’s fine because I’ll explain them as I go along. 


The first skill we started off with was jumpcut. My group and I (Caden and Logan) decided to a jumpcut where we jumped into the back rooms (a fictional reality between time with little escape chance and lots of monsters where each “level” is infinite and there are infinite levels) it ended up being really funny but, I think if I could go back in time I’d plan it out a little better because I think all of us had different ideas of what we were going to do. Here’s our jumpcut!


AR Maker📺

The next skill we did was creating snow globes with an app called AR maker. We started by picking our base and our top so we  could form the snow globe. I really like the base and top I picked. I might have chose a bit more of a clearer top to the globe because mine is a little foggy. Once we put the base and top on the app we chose an object or photo to put in. I put in a photo of me and my friends. This bit took a lot of fiddling to make it work but, I didn’t give up and I did it! Here’s a short video of it spinning!


Green Screen🟩

Now onto the second hardest skill in my opinion… Green screen! My group decided to do a continuation of our jumpcut we ended up doing us in the back rooms which was super fun to film even though the editing was difficult. Why was the editing difficult? Well finding a solid colour wall that didn’t match our clothing was more difficult then you would think. What we ended up doing was putting our video into keynote and adding blocks that were the same colour as the wall we were at. Here it is⬇️

Memoji Story Telling💀

The fourth skill was telling a story with a Memoji. Memoji’s are these little things that you can use when texting, you can choose to use the preset ones or you can customize one to look like you. They can look like this.

The assignment was to create a story with a Memoji of your choice and I decided to make a funny joke so I used the skeleton Memoji and drew a sign that said “danger do not enter”. I thought it was funny so I hope you do too!


Stop Motion🎞️

The final and definitely the hardest and most time consuming skill… Stop motion! For this skill we had to recreate a viral video with stop motion. I had a hard time figuring out what to do but then I realized that I could just do a video that had been popping up around all of my for you pages. The Wednesday dance! If you don’t know what that is then you can look at the original video I linked in the description of the video!

This project was a lot of fun and I got to grow my skills so much I think my favourite skill to do was the stop motion video because I really liked how I had to be creative with how I did it. 

Thanks for reading -Sydney🙃

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