How does one acquire ones goals? IDK, check the vid.

Welcome to Maker 9, where we use IPads for everything. Hail the IPad. In this project we learned how to use some video-making app, how to set goals and how to tell a story.

What inspires me, video one

With this video we had to use clips, a video-making app, which is known in PLP for being a slightly frustrating app to understand. A lot of features seem hidden or aren’t in places where you’d expect them to be. Besides the learning process clips is a great app, that is very useful for editing and filmmaking. 

I also didn’t read the criteria fully, and had to make adjustments to my script for the overlay in a rush, which doesn’t lead to good finished products.

My biggest takeaway from this assignment is to always carefully read the criteria

Goal getters, video two

This was the easiest of the three videos because I already had source material for the video, that being my goal to climb another five hex, which is similar to v-5 or v-6. To simplify for video making purposes, the goal was to climb the wall in Myrtle park.

I worked with Ronan, Kai M and Jessie G on this one, but Jessie was away for the filming😢.

I think the video ended up good, we used the skills we learned for clips, worked efficiently and make the vid interesting.

How to set goals, a goal getter in action

For this video, I had a good group with Jackson, and Evangeline. I had already good experience at this point with what apps I wanted to use, and we had a clear Idea of what we wanted the video to look like since we chose our topic.

We tried to use a goal ladder in our video, since that is helpful to set goals and would be good to explain in a goal getting tutorial. I think we focused too much on the video and less on making the video a tutorial. That probably affected the marks. Fat L.


Smart goals


S pecific – You can track progress better if your goals are specific

M easurable – Can be tracked, keeps you motivated 

A ctionable – Its hard to start action on your goal if it isn’t actionable in the first place.

R elevant – Relevant to you and your situation

T imeframe/deadline – Good motivation, makes urgency

E valuate – Make sure your goals stay SMART, especially the R

R eward – You have to want this award. Something you like

Tips and tricks for goal setting

Milestones, are like mini goals within a goal – check out my goal ladder underneath. They help break down tasks to more manageable sizes.

Make your goals achievable. Some goals might also be achievable, but you didn’t give yourself enough time.

Tip, start your goals with a verb! This helps with making your goals actionable.

Make you reward something YOU would want to have. Then, you will have something to strive for.


This is my goal ladder, and it is about getting a good spike in a game of volleyball. I made each of these steps to help certain aspects of achieving my goal. Step one is to help my passing, step two is to strengthen my legs to jump higher, step three is to get me more situations to spike in, step four is to get better passing, step five is to jump higher and better and the last step is to practice my whole volleyball game with the team.

I also put in step six because I know that the volleyball season is ending soon, and I want to stay at my A-game for the spring season.

Driving question: How might I use video skills to tell my story?

I have to learn how to use apps and technology to my advantage to tell a compelling story, I have to plan my videos to make sure that I meet all criteria with decent film quality.

We didn’t discuss the driving question at all in this project, and we have only ever done it in the geography of the west project

What I learned in this project

This project seemed to me like it we were doing it to learn how to use the apps, practice our storytelling skills and learn how to set goals.

 That would explain all the clips only assignments, and how the teachers kept saying “tell a story”, because they didn’t want us to create boring content 

We didn’t do much questioning or research in this project, only a short storyboarding activity with a trailer for the new avatar 2 that’s coming out this December (hype!!).

Most of this project’s difficulty came with being creative, following criteria and making interesting videos.

We did a lot of collaborating, but that didn’t feel like a challenge. People in PLP be chill like that. I am also good with people so, it didn’t pose a challenge for me.

Final reflection

Good project, because I like making videos. Goal making was a part of this project, but I feel that we could’ve went deeper into it, since it seemed like we just grazed the surface of goal setting. I think we should do a project thats only about goal setting. We’ve had two projects on goal setting, but we haven’t gone that deep into it. This project was based on getting set with making videos, and the last goal setting project, BLJ (Big Life Journal), was more about using notability.

Rating: 80/100   I like making videos. Fun with friends.

Vid skills 👍👍, its fun to film videos with friends🤓, no homework🛹🏐