The Spring Exhibition or Blue Sky is the definition of design and innovation, with learning and testing your new skills on projects you invent. Change in the world is needed so the UN made the Sustainable Development Goals are the ambitions for 2030. Scenarios are different now with coronavirus so our goal was to make a project to help the world. Through the Launch phase, our class created many unique projects to present through a zoom exhibition.

We didn’t need to do anything as the grades were set but we all chose to learn more. Initially going into the creation process I wanted to create something regarding ANC (active noise cancellation). I knew it takes a long time to pick an idea, I began preparing and brainstorming ideas months ahead. Eventually, through the first 3 phases, I narrowed my ideas down to create a new active noise cancellation app and model to show how it could help planes to limit noise pollution. It would be a lot of work but I was used to going up and beyond on these kinds of projects.

Using a microphone and a speaker it is possible to cancel out the noise using inverted waves instead of amplifying the sound it would reduce it. However, this has a limit as there will be a lag because it has to hear the sound and output a noise so it will still have a little bit of noise. ANC emits a wave to combat compression and refraction of the noise source while consisting of the same amplitude.

3Ds Max is a VFX 3D program that I dove into for the winter exhibition and the app I was going to use for modelling the ANC on the plane. I was going to make a rendered video show where I would show the speakers and microphones but I forgot how to render properly and I didn’t want to spend that much time rendering it. Learning from the winter exhibition it was much easier and I was able to get more out of the time I had.

It was the final week of school and I had over 10 projects I needed to complete for various classes so I wasn’t able to devote most f my time to the spring exhibition. I had to drop the app idea and focus on getting other projects done. Even though I wasn’t able to do the coding it made my life easier and I am currently doing a coding course to learn more about what I wanted to do.

When it came to presenting it was much easier than the real deal but instead, it took planning for the unique experience that we would showcase to the audience. I was put into the consumption group which consisted of Thomas, Amelia, Raymond, Annie and Jakub. We chose to make an interactive choose your own path story of our projects to save the earth. Making a story spine helped set out our layout of what we were going to talk about and it nicely transitioned into our shared script. To tie the whole story together we said we were time travellers and from the future to help the present make the right decisions and change the future.

I wasn’t able to complete my initial idea but I was able to spend more time on the group presentation and it turned out less stressful than if I spent hours extra trying to complete it. Creating the 3D model was not only easier and quicker, it was still presented an idea and solution to a world problem. Even though I didn’t code an app for the project, I am pursuing a Harvard course to learn web programming, mobile app development and game creation.