Live Event

Hello everyone and welcome to another amazing post. In this post I have an amazing event that I would have to share with y’all. Recently in Maker we had the task of filming a live event.

This event could be anything. If you had nothing to film you could even make something up. The only requirements were; it had to have an interview with a participant (it had to be someone outside of PLP), a time lapse or slow motion, a photo with the ken burns effect and copyright free music.

For this video I decided to film my cousin Sabrina’s field hockey game vs UBC. The game was not only fun to watch was the last game of the regular season for both teams. Also it was Sabrina’s last game as a university student as she is graduating the year.

Anyways here is my live event hope you enjoy!


From this experience I have learned a couple things. First is the sports broadcasters and filmers have a lot harder job then you think. Second is a lot of work goes into the filming of events as most big events only happen once and if you miss it then that’s it. Lastly I learned that you should always have a back up plan as my original plan to interview my cousin failed.

So that’s my live event thanks for reading.


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