Teaching is hard!

What’s up guys welcome to another post. Today I have an amazing experience to share with you guys! Recently it was take your kid to work day (which I’ll explain in a minute) I had so much fun at my mom’s work and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Every year across the Canada every grade 9 student has the opportunity to go to their parents or friends parents work. This year I am in Gr.9 so I had the opportunity to go. As I mentioned I went to my moms work because I didn’t want to sit around all day in an office cubicle like my dad. I decided that I would much rather go to see my moms school.

Yes that’s right my moms a teacher. So while some of my friends went to places like Amazon, I was still going to school.

Believe it or not I learned a lot about being a teacher as well as see the other side of a school.

I got to see many things that happen at a school that kids aren’t aware of. But one thing that stood out to me was how much a teacher has to work. Teachers have a tons to do. Not only do they have to plan lessons and what to teach but they also have meetings and marking. According to the Gr.7 teachers the marking takes forever and that’s just elementary school marking. I can’t imagine high school teachers having to mark not one but three to five classes worth of marking.

On top of all of the things that regular teachers have to do all the teachers at my moms school are moving back to their regular one.

For the last year and a bit Kingsford Smith the school my mom teaches at has been closed for earthquake renovations. The VSB decided to put half the school at Champlain heights and the other half at MacCorkindale. My mom got put at MacCorkindale so that’s where we went.

Normally when a company or a business they hire a company to pack up everything and move it all in a day. But unfortunately for the teachers they had to pack up everything that they wanted to take with them AND they still had to teach regular classes.

Being PLP we had a video assignment to do. Our task was to film a video that had an interview, a story and a focus. Below you will find my video. Enjoy!

What makes a good video!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another amazing post! In this post I will be explaining the process of video making and reflecting on all the videos I’ve made so far this year in Maker.

There are many things that make a video great so lets get into it!

1. Planning

The first step when making a video is planning. In this stage you should plan out everything. Some of the more important parts what to plan out are, your shots (what are you going to film and from where), who’s going to film it (wether its you or one of your friends or family), what your going to say (will you speak in your film).

One project that we did this year which was crucial that we planned was our Take Your Kid to Work Day video + post (which you can find here). It is important to plan out ever video as the better planned out your video is the better it will turn out.

2 ish. Scouting

What I mean by scouting is scoping out the place(s) you are going to film at. I have found scouting to be quite helpful if you are only going to a place once because then you can find out what’s there and what’s not. I would consider this an optional step as some times this will make it harder for you to make your video. e.x. If the images you are using to look at the site are out of date.

I used this particular step and found it quite helpful in the making of our ghost town video as we weren’t sure what places were in the town, so we used google maps to look it up.


3. Filming

Now we move on to the most important part of making a video, filming. One important thing to remember in this step is film 10 times more footage then you think you need. If you are making a 2 minute video, have enough B roll (extra footage) to make sure you don’t run out. Also making sure you have the right shot, take the time to ask or wait for people to move out of your shot and do your best to have a steady camera.

My Alberta post (found here) really shows that you need lots of B roll to make a good video. Remember that half of a great video is making sure you have great footage.

4. Editing

Now your probably asking yourself what is the other half to making a great video. My friend the answer is EDITING! Editing can be split into three major sections.

First up we have audio; audio is very important because without it you can’t really understand what’s going on.

Next is music; make sure to keep in mind that music basically sets the mood of the video so fining the right music is very important for a good video

Last and definitely not least is make sure everything lines up and makes sense; I know that sounds very confusing so let me put it this way. Re watch your video multiple times to make sure, the audio lines up with the images, your music achieves the mood that your going for, listen to make sure you audio is not drowned out my your music, and look for any errors in the footage to make sure everything looks right.

One video that shows all of this very well is the enchanted forest video that we made in Alberta. As it was very hard to check all of the editing parts off.


Looking back at all the videos that we have made so far in all of our subjects I realize how far I’ve come in completing these steps. I have leaned so much from making these videos and I’m so glad you took your time to read all of these steps. Even though we are writing the blog post now, this video unit has yet to officially end as we will continue making videos following this formula.

Lastly I leave you with a comparison of two videos. The first was made at the beginning of the year and the second was made just before Christmas break.


Until next time


A big black hole

Hi guys I’m back with another sbc post. This week, which is week 6 our task was to research a top that we are interested about and feature it in this post.

I have always wondered a lot about outer space and the things that are out there. But one thing that has had me truly fascinated are black holes. Now most of you readers probably know what a black hole is. You’ve probably see one in a movie or TV show.

For those of you who don’t know what a black hole is it is a…

In case your still confused a black hole “eats” everything thing around it including light thus being called a black hole. With just a normal telescope you are unable to see a black hole because they absorb all the light around them. The reason scientists know about black holes is because of its gravitational pull. Using special tools scientist are able to find them by measuring the gravitational pull around space. Now I have a video about black holes to share with you people. Here it is.

I chose to show you this video because first crash course videos are amazingly helpful when it comes to understanding things. Also this video really covers the basics when it comes to black holes as well all the facts they gave are accurate.

Now I have a quiz for you guys. It’s called two truths and a lie. You’ve probably all played this before but anyway the rules are simple, below are 3 statements only 2 are facts the other is completely made up. All the info you need to solve these statements are in this post or in the video. Have fun and don’t forget to comment your answers below. Enjoy!

1. When you get really close to a black hole time slows down

2. If you get within a few dozen km of a stellar mass black hole you experience  spaghettification

3. Scientists say our sun will become a black hole in the future

Don’t forget to comment your guesses below. Thanks for reading


A Metaphorical Machine!


Welcome to a new post my readers. Today post is featuring 2 subjects; scimatics and humanities! In this project we learned about steampunk, the Industrial Revolution, metaphors, Revolutions, circuits, and scale diagrams. For this post I have divided it into three sections. The humanities side, the scimatics side and the actual video it’s self. Now let get it going with the humanities side!


In this unit I learned a lot about steampunk and the Industrial Revolution. If you haven’t read my Steampunk post which defines steampunk and what it is you can check it out here. We started out this unit by learning about a man named Crane Brinton.

Brinton was an American historian who is best known for his book The Anatomy of a Revolution. Brintons theory was a guildline that almost all revolutions follow. In his theory he compares a revolution to a virus. His says that there are four stages to a revolution. I also compared his stages of a revolution to a story spine there is a exposition or incubation stage, next is the rising action or moderate stage, third is the climax or crisis stage, and finally is the conclusion or recovery stage.

After that we moved on to picking our revolutions. There were five different revolutions to pick from the options were: Russian, French, American, Chinese, and Haitian. I got put into the Chinese one with Jason, Kiera, and Sam. For some reason Ms. Maxwell our teacher decided to put all the asians into a group doing an Asia  revolution.

The requirements for this project were: there had to be at least 6 different metaphors, we had to fit all onto a 120 by 60 Cm board, and we had to incorporate a circuit.

The first thing we did about our revolutions was find out more about them. We had to make a timeline with all of our important events that happend in our revolution.

We then moved on to creating our metaphors. Because so much happens in a revolution and we can’t make every event into a metaphor we decided to pick the 6 most important events that happend in our revolution and turn them into metaphors. My group and I decided on these six events to be represented in our machine.

After we decided our metaphors we moved onto drawing. At this point I would like to remind you that this post is a multi subject one meaning we worked on this project in multiple subjects and got a grade for each one. At this moment I am going to switch to the scimatics side of things and come back to the humanities section in a bit. Thanks and hope you continue to enjoy this post.


While we were learning about history in humanities, in scimatics we were working on scale diagrams. For this we used a website called khan academy which you can find right here. I highly recommend it for anyone struggling in math because if you don’t understand the lesson there are videos that explain how to do it. Also its free!

Our work on scale diagrams was very interesting. Once I got the hang of it, it was quite easy to do. Anyways our first diagram blueprint that we drew was pretty good.

Once we had that done we began to learn about circuits. In this unit I learn a lot about electricity and how current flows. As well has how to get more power from the same amount of battery’s. We did quite a few worksheets and experiments that helped me understand and then further extend my knowledge about electricity.

As I said earlier we had to incorporate and make a circuit into one of our metaphors. Me and Sam were in charge of designing and making our circuit. We decided to make a parallel circuit an run a copper wire across the track so when the golf ball rolled through it would switch our circuit off.

The switch circled in black was a wire that ran across the track

Me and Sam not only had to design our circuit but we actually had to make it. Working as a team we had to sauter the wires and LEDs together so that they wouldn’t fall apart.

Now back to humanities

While me and Sam were hard at work making the circuit, Jason and Kiera were busy working on the machine its self. They had to spray paint and glue gun the tracks to the board. Everything was going along very well until we ran into a problem. Our original plan for the scale did not work so we ended up remodelling the scale so that it was easier to make.

It took us about 1 and a half weeks to make and build our machine. Then we spent another 2-3 days repeatedly making test runs to make sure that it worked. After we did our full run through we start making our video.

The video that we ended up with was very good. My group and I decided that me and Sam did a lot of the building of the machine so Jason and Kiera did most of the work editing the video. For science we also had to make a final blueprint and circuit diagram which you can find below.

Now with out further ado here is our final machine video hope you enjoy.


Refleting back on this unit there were many things that I learned. From the revolutions to circuits to even how to build and improvise if something doesn’t work. I really though I increased my knowledge on many things including how a revolution happens, what happend in The Industrial Revolution and how circuits and electricity work as well.  I really enjoyed this unit and I can wait to write about the next. Until next time 👋


Live Event

Hello everyone and welcome to another amazing post. In this post I have an amazing event that I would have to share with y’all. Recently in Maker we had the task of filming a live event.

This event could be anything. If you had nothing to film you could even make something up. The only requirements were; it had to have an interview with a participant (it had to be someone outside of PLP), a time lapse or slow motion, a photo with the ken burns effect and copyright free music.

For this video I decided to film my cousin Sabrina’s field hockey game vs UBC. The game was not only fun to watch was the last game of the regular season for both teams. Also it was Sabrina’s last game as a university student as she is graduating the year.

Anyways here is my live event hope you enjoy!


From this experience I have learned a couple things. First is the sports broadcasters and filmers have a lot harder job then you think. Second is a lot of work goes into the filming of events as most big events only happen once and if you miss it then that’s it. Lastly I learned that you should always have a back up plan as my original plan to interview my cousin failed.

So that’s my live event thanks for reading.




emojis… emojis are great. Emojis are used for many things that words can’t describe and within the last 5 years have exploded in popularity. For this post I will be making a story out of only emojis that will be given to me at random.

Here are the emojis I used I hope you enjoy

Once upon a time there was a cat. The cat’s name was Nik. Nik loved to ride trains. His happy place was curled up on the seat of a train. But one day he got put onto an airplane. Nik was very sad. He just sat there crying. Suddenly a monkey came walking down the isle. The monkey’s name was Sam. Sam did his best to confort Nik and very quickly they became good friends. As the plane landed Nik got very scared. For as they were getting off the plane he heard a roar. Sam being very observant notice that Nik had gone as silent as if he had no mouth. “Nik he said what’s a matter?” “There.. there’s .. THERE’S A DRAGON COMING!” Nik manger to stutter out. Just as the dragon was about to step on them a leopard on a bicycle managed to grab both of them out of the way. Nik and Sam both went tumbleing across the hard pavement. As they got up they realized that the mysterious leopard biker had disappeared. Confused and tired they stumbled into town to find a place to sleep. When Sam finally spotted a hotel from across the street they ran into a problem. The problem was that the sidewalk on both sides were covered in no crossing signs. There were so many that it was pretty much a wall of signs blocking their path across. All of a sudden as if coming right out of the wall its self a giant panda bear appeared. “What’s up?” The bear asked “My name’s Jason, what’s yours?’ Surprised Nik and Sam backed up very quickly, so quickly that Nik accidentally bumped his head into a wall. It hurt so bad that Nik started crying. Suddenly the biker showed up as if appearing from thin air. Sam and Jason watched in awe as the leopard took off its helmet and put it on Nik’s head. When she took it off the bruise was gone and Nik was smileing. That smile soon faded when he realized who the biker was. “Hi Nik, its been a while” the biker said. “Nik you know this women?” Sam inquired. “Yes, guys meet Sage, Sage meet Jason and Sam.” Nik replied. “How do you two know each other?” Jason asked. “We met in high school and she’s the one who got me into riding trains.” Nik answered. The group started walking down the street the wall forgotten until suddenly an alien appeared out of knowhere. “Hello” it said “I have come to….


Please leave a comment with you version of the ending and thanks for reading.