Hey guys ✌️!! Final week, and you know what this means….. time to reflect! Now these have been a fabulous 10 weeks so, let’s cue the highlights montage!

Week 1: Made an AWESOME avatar! And talked about myself.

Week 2: Made a beautiful comment Commandment sheet (all about the grey pallet).

Week 3: Taught a valuable lesson about using images responsibly.

Week 4: Spent waaaaaaay too much time creating a emoji quiz!

Week 5: Made a google form nobody could access.

Week 6: Learned a lot about geology and then completely bored you all with it.

Week 7: Wrote far too much about climbing (you guys are officially experts now).

Week 8: Got in the mood for Christmas!

Week 9: Learned about coding and then actually put it to use for once.

Week 10: Wrote a lovely goodbye to the Student Blogging Challenge.

Well now we’ve gone through the highlights, it’s time to properly reflect. My favourite week was by far week 7. Yes yes I know it’s kind of snobby to have my favourite week be the one I got to choose, but I really loved week 7! I was so happy to get to talk about climbing! I was excited to get more people interested in climbing, and to just share my climbing knowledge in general.

Adam Ondra climbing a 5.15d

My favourite thing I learned was by far how to code better. I first of all enjoyed coding,but also got to learn something really cool! It was awesome to learn about real life HTML coding and then to get to try it in real life!

The one part of the Student Blogging Challenge I would change is to make commenting mandatory. I received 10 comments throughout my Blogging Challenge and I think it was because a lot of people don’t comment. 

Wow. I just can’t believe it’s over. The Student Blogging Challenge has been AMAZING! I loved it most of the time. I learned many awesome things, learned more about writing, and got to share my thoughts with all you lovely people! I got to do research, make a movie quiz, and learn about geology. I’m so thrilled I got to have this experience and it definitely helped me get better at writing! I’m going to miss the Student Blogging Challenge very much(apart from the deadlines my teachers put on the posts), but I’ll try to be back next year!

Well ta ta for now✌️……….