The     Hey guys welcome back! Today we have a really exciting topic, DI! Now I know I’ve already written one blog post about DI already (check it out here) but I’m coming back at you with a part 2, Provincials!

Our Regionals scores.

    Now my group Liam, Alex, Ben, Emily, and Matthew and I were competitors in the engineering category. Once we had finished regionals my group decided we had a lot to do before provincials. So Ms. Williemse and Mr. Hughes told us to use a specific method of tracking and planning called a burn down chart! We looked at our regional scores and decided where we needed the most improvement. My team chose one of our team choice elements (we wanted a mural), we also needed a new backdrop, and finally we wanted to improve our story. We then made several different charts for them and started so we could burn down our amount of work to do. 

Once we had decided what to fix we started right away with Liam building the backdrop me, Emily Alex and Ben painting the mural and Matthew editing the story. On the day of DI we were very nervous and a bit excited so we set of to Collingwood and competed! We saw lots of other incredible teams and practiced every last second before our performance! We got on stage and actually did a pretty good job!

Here’s a video of our performance…

After we had done our instant challenge and were finished for the day we went to the awards! We saw many other Seycove teams place and do amazing! Then when they called the engineering category my group and I were so excited, we had gotten 3rd overall and had won the instant challenge! We were really happy and once we saw our scores we even more proud! We had really improved the score on our team choice elements! 

A comparison of our scores.

Our provincial scores.



Overall I learned so much from DI! I know so much more about teamwork, communication and strangely painting! I had so much fun this DI season, and I can’t wait for next year! Thanks for reading ✌️