Hi there everyone and welcome back to my latest blog post. And if you thought the topic on my last blog post is weird well this one’s weirder. Today we were learning all about TikTok. Now you may just think TikTok is a video sharing app but it actually is a lot more than that when you take a look at it. This post is all about the theory that means spread and exist in a similar way to DNA or your genes. The driving question for this project that we started is. How can we use current memes to comment on the significance and consequences of nationalism around the world?The whole project in general is about establishing the historical significance of different events and how we can use Memes to show that. And the TikTok’s that I made for this milestone in the project or just one part of the whole project.

The point of making these tiktoks was to try and understand the idea that Darwin’s theory of evolution applies to memes. Darwins theory talked about how mutation can give advantages to certain species, and that the good mutations get passed to future generations. His theory applies to memes. The strongest memes live, and the weaker memes die. But at the same time they are always changing and mutating so the best parts of the strongest memes get passed into future memes, to keep people entertained as times and humour shifts.

This first TikTok was a TikTok under the meme category. This category basically covers any TikTok besides dancing or special effects. These tik toks are usually the funnier ones but have the strongest message. People often outright state their opinions on certain topics, but others just use humor to veil their opinion.

The second TikTok I made was a dance TikTok. This one is a pretty self explanatory for the dance TickTock’s you simply just do a dance. The dance TikTok‘s however are the ones that probably relate the most to Darwins theory. Every time a famous TickTock dancer does the dance and puts their spin on it it changes making it more popular or less popular.

The final category is creative effect. The creative effect tiktok‘s use a effect feature that TickTock has added. Some of them give you special face filters, change the way your screen looks, or just straight up does something weird. I would say out of all of these categories this is the least popular. But occasionally when a certain effect is trending you see it all the time.

All right everyone thanks for tuning into this blog post, and be sure to keep an eye out for the one that’s going to drop at the end of this project. Wow that exit basically makes me a rapper but see you all later.