Hey what up, and welcome back to my blog. (If you happen to be new here right now were discussing the 50s in Canada) This week sure was an interesting one. We actually discussed quite a lot of topics in school. But there was one topic that we touched on but I didn’t think Got explained enough. This week we listen to a lot of old radio and video footage provided by the CBC archives. And that got me wondering just a little bit more about the CBC’s history.

CBC’s logo today

For Those of you who might not know The CBC is the Canadian broadcasting company. It is a network for both radio and television in Canada. It was established in November 1936, and is the oldest broadcasting network in Canada. It started, and is still headquartered in Ottawa Ontario. The CBC broadcasts in primarily English French, but also in and eight different aboriginal languages. It was started with the aim to spread Canadian culture and unite Canada as a whole. It was started to reach the further away provinces, and keep them tied to Canada no geographic or political sense, but in a cultural and more mindset like sense. It started primarily as a radio station but in 1952 (see the connection!) they broadcast their first television segment. From then on CBC grew from being just a radio station, to big a media company.

CBC journalists 1944

The thing I really liked about learning about CBC was how not only has it grown really well with Canada but it’s also done a really good job at shifting with the times. CBC has been reporting and talking about Canadian culture and heritage since 1936 through the Second World War, The 50s, 60s, 70s and still all the way up today. And they very much stuck with their mission of representing Canadian culture, as they still have today a percentage of Canadian songs and television that they must show, in order to not just display American or other programs. But CBC is also did excellent job and not getting too hell-bent on staying the same. They managed to change from radio to TV, and now are available all over the Internet. It can be very difficult to get trapped up in your integrity as a radio station, but it was a wise move on CBCs part to move with the times and adapt to the future, all while keeping their same end goal of spreading Canadian culture.

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