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Colonizing in a Tempest⚡️

OH MY GOSH IT’S FINALLY SUMMER AND SOMEHOW IM STILL DOING SCHOOLWORK! Sorry about that…….. anyways, hey guys, welcome back! Today we are talking about colonizing in a tempest! If you are a little confused about what that means, don’t… Continue Reading →

DI… yay I guess… Pt.2

The     Hey guys welcome back! Today we have a really exciting topic, DI! Now I know I’ve already written one blog post about DI already (check it out here) but I’m coming back at you with a part 2, Provincials!… Continue Reading →

DI… yay I guess….

Salutations guys, welcome back! Today we’re talking all about the worlds most creative tournament, DI!! Now this whole crazy adventure started in January, but a lot has happened since then, and I’m here to tell you about it! Basically DI… Continue Reading →

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It✌️

I Hey guys, I’m back! I know it’s been quite a while, but today I’m talking about Worldview! Our project this time round was very much a step by step project that lead up to an massive final product… a… Continue Reading →


      Hi Ms. Willimse, Mr. Hughes, Mom and Dad! Today you all know what the topic of this blog post is….. Mpols! Today we’re going to… reflect! I think so far this year has been pretty good! Of… Continue Reading →

Exhibition ✌️

We Hey guys I’m back✌️! Today we’re talking about my PLP winter exhibition. For those of you who don’t know PLP is a project based learning program and the winter exhibition is where we show our projects. There were four… Continue Reading →

Christianity poster ✌️

Hey guys✌️! I’m back! How was your winter break? Mine was pretty cool, but enough small talk. Today we are talking about…(drumroll) Christianity! Well technically it’s my Christianity project but let’s begin anyways.  The project was to create a poster… Continue Reading →

Week 10✌️

Hey guys ✌️!! Final week, and you know what this means….. time to reflect! Now these have been a fabulous 10 weeks so, let’s cue the highlights montage! Week 1: Made an AWESOME avatar! And talked about myself. Week 2:… Continue Reading →

Week 9✌️!

 Hey guys I’m back✌️! And only 21 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS, but whatever who’s counting anyways. Today we’re gonna talk about dun dun dun…… coding! Basically this week was all about learning to code. Personally I have no clue how to… Continue Reading →

Worldview reflection✌️

Hi guys I’m back again✌️! Today we’re talking about dun dun dun, worldview! So the project was to discover more about our worldview. Before this I had no clue what worldview was, but it turns out that it’s pretty simple…. Continue Reading →

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