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Hello I’m back with another blog post this time it is about math.

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I know that when people say the word math they probably think of being bored, math can be fun if you look at it form the right perspective. We have used this math to make Star Wars space ships 🚀 which will be displayed at the PLP winter exhibition. Theses ships use right triangles📐to make laser 🔦paths and shoot lasers like in the movies. We have spend lots of time studying the phy theory which is my nickname for the theory btw. It is kind of complicated but i can simplify it for you readers, the theory is you can use this math to find the angles of right angled triangles.  Like a ladder or a triangular level, it is not a very known theory in math but it is significant

the competencies are Communicating and representing, applying and innovating, questioning and predicting. I will write about each one, and the big idea.

The first competency is Communicating and representing.

I used this when i was communicating with my group and building our Star Wars ship, we had to talk with each other and tell each other what we were doing. It was kind of hard to do because I was sick🤢 a lot of the time we were building, but we worked hard and finished our project. I could really improve this competency a lot I don’t talk a lot in class or in groups I usually just stay quiet. I represented my group at the exhibition standing next to our ship, I was explaining to anyone to walk up to me about how we built it and what it was.

The second competency was applying and innovating.

We had to apply lots of ideas to this project, including our idea of which ship to chose. I wanted to make the millennium falcon a ship from Star Wars 🌠. My group wanted to make something else they wanted to make an All Terrain Scout Turret. Which is a vehicle from Star Wars but we agreed on the millennium falcon. We had to innovate a lot during are building phase of this project, our ship is the definition of the millennium falcon it was very math based to build. Which required a lot of innovation to build we had to think a lot outside the box 📦 to finish this project.

The third competency was questioning and predicting.

We had to predict first in this project how long it would take, what it would look like, how it would work. It took upon 1 third of the time to make are ship but it was important, after that we questioned what we were building in this project, I went over this part earlier in this post just scroll up to find 🔍it.

the big idea “light energy can travel as either a wave or a particle”

We had to research about light for using the lasers in this project, we learned a lot.

The End Of The SBC

The End Of The SBC

This post is about reflecting on what we have done over the past weeks. We had to make music, research about copyright, use emoji’s to create brain teasers and make creative art pictures.This week I will be summarizing what we have done, The 1st week we wrote about ME, the second week was images, the third week was about           , the fourth week was about free choice, the 5th week was music, the 6th week was emojis and the 7th week was Christmas and so on……………

These pics are a slideshow show of our blogging challenge:

The passed week we have done some amazing things in the PLP program. I have learned how to blog and I was also lucky to be included in a workshop to learn about blogging. It gave me a lot of good ideas to use while working on my challenges. I am sorry to see this project come to an end because I really enjoyed it. Looking back I am proud of everything I have done, and I am thankful that I can have a chance to revise if necessary. As I look back , these challenges may have been easy but each one taught me a thing or two about how to blog. We learned how to use sliders, what copyright is and that there are lots of holidays around the world that different people celebrate.

As the weeks went on my writing became more in depth and it started to flow better. I have always had a challenge with spelling and grammar and during the blogging I was able to practise my spelling as well.I am looking forward to the next challenge after a nice two week christmas break.




The Power Of The Apple Pencil

      We have been learning about the power of an Apple Pencil, this fantastic and sleek device has a very sensitive tip on the end of it that connects to the I Pad  by blue tooth and it is a very useful tool that allows you to create amazing designs. The Apple Pencil is very nice to look at and apple claims that is feels like a real pencil. The Apple Pencil has a special sensor that detects movement on the screen. It can be used simultaneously with your finger on the screen. I have been using this technology over the last five months, it has a really nice feeling when you use it but that is just my opinion, you may find the feeling different. I have added a photo of the box of the pencil and the iPad.

      I have been very lucky to use the Apple Pencil together with the Apple I pad to do my studies and I have learned so much about technology and how to write well and blog, share links and make documents and advertisements. I am very excited for the future to see where this PLP program takes me in my education.

This is what the I pad and pencil look like in the box:

I have used this amazing piece of technology to create many pieces of art in class, we have labeled these assignments with the word “Milestone” and these are the pieces of art.

These are the MILESTONES:






We had one driving question, “How can we use to enhance to our learning?”

These are all the Milestones that we have been working on for the last three weeks. We have been using the Apple Pencil to create these, these are examples of what is capable with the Apple Pencil. I enjoy drawing and sketching and I have learned a lot from this unit that we have been doing. We used Sketches Pro to create our name art and it was really fun learning how to use the pencil. I had the other Logitech pencil before but have just got the Apple pencil🍎which works better and has so many more features.  Each off these projects may be small but they took a lot of time and effort to finish them. These will be part of something even bigger than just art.

We were being assessed on the competencies of empowered learner which means, How do I take responsibility for my own learning? This is what I have done taken responsibility for my own work.

SBC Week 7

This week we were asked to talk about our favourite holiday. Mine is Christmas because I am Christian and we celebrate that day as the birthday of Jesus Christ. As soon as December 1st comes my family and I start to decorate the house and put up the Christmas tree. Christmas is also my favourite holiday because first we get presents and then we all get together and have a big family celebration. My mum and her parents and brother and sister are the only family she has in Canada. The rest of my mums family live in England and South Africa. Our gatherings are quite small, I have 7 cousins including myself. We usually have dinner and a gift exchange at my uncle’s house. We also go to church on Christmas Eve for a wonderful Christmas Carol service. It is also one of the most beautiful times of the year with bright lights, the colourful decorations and the decorated pine Christmas trees in the window of almost every house. I believe in Christianity but some people don’t, like most of my friends but they still love Christmas, I learned this a few years ago that lots of people who don’t have a religion become influenced by other religion’s like people who are not Christian’s still celebrate Christmas. When I was younger I only loved Christmas because of the presents but now that I’m older I see it in a whole new light. I see now that we thank God for the food we have in front of us and for all that we have in our lives.  My family goes to my Aunt and Uncles house to have dinner, exchange presents and play board game’s. We have a big roast turkey with roast potatoes and gravy and lots of different vegetables. We also love stuffing with gravy.
We love to play a board game called Articulate! I have lots of memories of playing Articulate with the family after Christmas dinner and it always turns very silly by the end. This game is not available in Canada, you can only buy it in England. Some of the questions are hard because it’s not the Canadian version.
The one memory that I can never forget is, when I woke up and went out to the tree. My mom was waiting with a cup of tea in her hand and she had one for me. I walked over to the tree and grabbed the biggest present I could see. Then I walked over to my mom and sat down and opened it it was a brand new PS4. I opened the box and took out the system I went to the tv and looked for the HDMI port to plug the console in.

Now I am going to talk about this photo that I chose. It represent’s my love of Christmas



It is a Christmas tree it has presents under it, it is the main sign of Christmas. This tree is one of my favourite part of Christmas, the present’s under the beautiful Christmas tree covered with lights and decorations. The tree has a star on top that represent the North Star which is the star that the shepherds followed to find baby Jesus.

SBC Week 6

This week we were asked to make an emoji quiz, some art, a puzzle or a emoji prompt. I am starting this post with the emoji word quiz.

Here are the rules, look at the emojis and answer them in the comments. These are based on films







how many did you manage to get. This is the second task it is a puzzle, arrange these emojis to make a shape and then put that shape in the comments.


This is the last task of the blogging challenge. I made some emoji art, it represents the wildlife that surrounds us. It is very simple yet powerful, I use a simple pen and emojis on this app called book creator and this is how it turned out.




The Media Is The Messege

This project that we did was pretty hard. My whole class put lots of hard work in to this project. We made advertisements and we interviewed companies but we had one big question that kept this whole project in motion. The question was “How does what we hear, read and see influence us?” this post will hopefully answer that question. We consume loads of media content every day tv, youtube, computers, radio, social media and advertising. This is what I believe is the answer to that question but first I will talk about our advertisement’s.

We made advertisements as I mentioned before, here are some of our drafts.




This is the one add we made for an Oregon business. That business is called The Columbia River Maritime Museum our teacher put us in contact with the business but sadly I was not able to be part of my groups interview. My group managed to get loads of information. They shared this information with me so that I could make this ad I put a lot of effort into this ad and I hope you like it and find it very informative.



This is an advertisement for a business here in Vancouver. It is not the best ad ever but I like it a lot. My mum thought we did a very good job with the information. This ad was only one part of this project, we still had to answer the question and this is my answer. We consume media every day and it can be very controlling. This project is all about media as the title tells us. I believe the answer to this question is that it can really influence you. Media is very strong and you have to be strong to keep your own view and not let the media control that view. It influences us by the way it shows us content and keeps repeating it over and over again. Sometimes it can drive us a bit crazy with how ads are played so many times in a day especially on TV. Pop up ads on line can be very influential as well. The media is a very big part of are everyday lives.


SBC week 5

This week I was asked to do three of the tasks out of eight. For my first task I am going to talk about the legal topic of music. The topic of legal music is the same as the legal topic of images. You can’t just use any music track, it has to be non copyright for students or any creator that want to use the music. Or you can pay money to the creator to use the music legally. The prices can be very high if you want to pay.

Free-Photos / Pixabay



Music Quiz



StockSnap / Pixabay


Answer these questions in the comments by starting your comment with the number of the question you are answering.


Question 1. Which artist created the song “Silence”?

Question 2. Which group became popular in the 1960’s?

Question 3. What do you call the part of the song that repeats itself?

Question 4. What artist created the song “shake it off”?

Question 5. What artist’s name starts with the letters “T” and “S?


Remember please leave your answers in the comment section.


The Beatles where one of the most influential music groups of are time. This is a little information and research about the Beatles that I found.

The Beatles started becoming popular in 1962. They rose through the popularity list and became one of the most amazing music groups in history. They made loads of songs here are a few that i could find yellow submarine, penny lane, twist and shout. The band consists of four artist Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr. Together they made amazing song’s they mostly made pop song, they started the whole pop genre of music.


My Non Oregon Trip

This is my story of what I did while my class went on a trip to Oregon. I didn’t have a lot to do while my friends were away so I made sure I found things to do. I did a lot of things with my family and my friends that were still in Vancouver.

I got up every morning and I fed my dog. Once my family had left for school and work I took my dog for a walk and then I came back and did chores for my mum. I unstacked the dishwasher and did laundry.

A couple of mornings I went out for brunch with my Nana at Whitespot and then I went to her condo and helped her change some light bulbs. I have done a lot this week I had an awesome bike ride, I enhanced my control skills on my bike this week by going to the pump  Track and riding around it. I am able to throw my bike around and control it while I’m in mid-air.

I also went for a hike up through the forest I followed the trail and found a river. My dog went for a swim and dunked her head under the water. I did it in the pouring rain and I got soaked but it was really fun. I also made a journal of my experience’s in Vancouver and I added it in to this post.

After seeing all the fun everyone was having in Oregon on Instagram, I think I should be going on the next trip when ever it is.

The wonders of plate tectonic’s

This post will be about plate tectonics and what i have learned about them.


these are the question we made at the beginning of this project. I am going to tell you the answers to these questions. We have been working on this project for about 3 weeks it was a really fun project to work on.

Question 1. I asked “do Tectonic Plates have cycles” I didn’t see or learn anything about them having a cycle they are controlled by convection currents And as far as i know convection currents do not have a cycle.

Question 2. I asked “do Plate Tectonics effect temperature” as I said before plate tectonic are controlled by convection currents and they are temperature controlled so yes Plate Tectonics do effect temperature.

Question 3. I asked “How fast do Plate’s move” I never found how fast they actually move but i did find out that they move very slowly. They are very heavy and the currents in the earth don’t have that much force to push them very fast.

Question 4. I asked “Do Plate Tectonics Effect the ocean” I learned in this project that Plate Tectonics to effect the ocean. When two plate slip under the ocean that earth quake causes a tsunami and that can be very destructive.

We had criteria for this project, as you do in every project. I used the criteria in the project the right way to make my project better. “I had to display knowledge of the topic we were studying I used my knowledge of Plate Tectonics to make my project better and improve my grade. I had to display a scientific curiosity in are topic of Plate Tectonics, I had used my curiosity to learn more about Plate Tectonics. We also had a Big Idea for are project it was,The theory of
plate tectonics is the
unifying theory that
explains Earth’s geological

this idea was the driving force for this project “the theory of Plate Tectonics”. I studied this idea to try and find the answer my whole class did as well. It had us dig deep in to the information of Plate Tectonics. It improved my work on this project a lot. the last competency was about collaboration and talking and working with others and doing that gave me more information to add to my project to make it better.


A Change Of Mind

When i was nine i asked my mom if i could learn to snowboard. My best friend julien and i signed up for snowboarding lessons up Mount Seymour. Snow boarding was challenging, we fell down a lot but we persevered and we learned how to snow board. The following season i had a change of mind i wanted to learned to ski. Julien and his dad leant me there extra pair of skis and my aunt and uncle bought me ski boots. I was set!

I signed up for my school ski club. I learned to ski after a few weeks it was really easy to pick up and I loved it more the then snowboarding. I’ve been practicing and now i can do small jumps and black diamonds. I found my new passion