Hey everyone! This past month we had the crazy opportunity to participate in an exhibition! But guess what! It was all about StarWars! We got split up into four of the planets. Death Star, Hoth, Tatooine, and Endor. The task was to create something on the topic of the Starwars planet that we were given. For example, some people made food, lightsabers, and even costumes! I was put into the planet, Hoth. Hoth is the snow planet in the Starwars universe.

I ended up making a manual of tautaunship. You’re probably wondering what that is right? This manual is a book all about tauntauns. Tauntauns are a species of snow lizards on the planet Hoth and are quite similar to horses. This might seem like an easy creation but here are some of my difficulties. It started with having a picture in my head with a beautiful book cover sewn on with plenty of information. It didn’t turn out as what I pictured. 

Throughout this project, I had my ups and downs. My weaknesses were that I never saw StarWars before this project. That made it quite difficult to follow along and understand my tasks. Now for the book. It ended up almost being a disaster. Like I said earlier that I wanted a nice sewn on the hardcover and it didn’t go as I imagined. I focused more on the information as I should have however, I didn’t leave enough time for the creation. I ended up cover two pieces of cardboard with my front and back cover page and hot gluing it all together. It held together quite well and was also quite durable. However, by the end of the night, it started to fall apart. The pages started detaching making the book not look so nice. Now for the Pros! For the pros of the book, I found plenty of information about tauntauns. It was however quite difficult to find. All the StarWars manuals, books, and websites only had a small section explaining what a tauntaun is. Some were humorous facts and the others were just interesting facts.     

Here is my Launch journal!

The next step was to turn a class into the magical planet, Hoth. It turned out to be just as we have planned. There were fairy lights, wampa fur(cotton candy), hot chocolate, “snowballs’ and much more. The temperature was frigid. We had all the windows open, fans on and ice to keep the temperature cold. In conclusion, this was a great experience. I learned a lot of interesting facts about Starwars and also had lots of fun! 

Thank you and see you next time!