An average post about disease in exploration

Hello everyone! Today ill be telling you all about our most recent project. This one was a “joint” project between scimatics and humanities. Anyway, let’s get into this!

Humanities 1: this will be humanities milestone one. I will be swapping between the two so don’t get confused. This milestone was based off of an animated movie we watched Called Osmosis Jones. We watched the movie, then we would write down the plot of the movie using a storyboard. We would then reflect on how that story was similar to our current situation.

Here was my storyboard and paragraph.


Scimatics 1: As always, we started our new scimatics project with a mind map. This one was about cells and diseases and the questions we had about them.

Here’s my mind map!

Humanities 2: In this milestone, we read some comic books and analyzed them through a pre-made chart. I read a Darth Vader comic as well as a Black Panther comic.

Here’s the chart I made for the Black Panther comic. 

Scimatics 2: This was a particularly fun milestone. Because I got to use a photo editing app! In this milestone we made a wanted poster for the disease that we chose. It was supposed to look just like a real old western wanted poster.

This was my wanted poster!

Humanities 3: In this milestone our driving question for humanities finally came to make sense. it was “what was/is the significance of global exploration”. This was important now because we would finally choose an explorer from around 1400-1600. We also did some research on them and their life.

This is a piece of the research that we did on the explorer that we chose. I chose Juan Ponce de Leon

Scimatics 3: This milestone was simply a test to make sure that we were learning about cells and diseases. It was a khan academy test. Not much else to say.


Milestone 4: No, it’s not a typo, I meant to type milestone 4, this was because this was the beginning of where the two projects came together. This was the storyboard for our own comic book!

This is the first page of the storyboard (it’s pretty long).

Humanities 5: That’s the comic book! This was the product of all the research we’ve done up the this point. Where we put the knowledge we gained from this and put all of it into a comic book based on <explorer> who gets infected by or affected by <disease>.

Juan Ponce de Leon’s Misfortune

Theres the comic! You might have to download it though.





Establish historical significance: This competency is based on defining what is a “feat worth remembering” this is basically saying “what is significant enough to remember”. I think that I highlighted the important pieces of information about Juan Ponce de Leon with my comic book and showed his achievements in an entertaining way.

Connect: This competency was all about understanding how I, and others one



Questioning and Predicting: This competency was focused on being personally interested about the subject at hand. I think that I was, to an extent, doing extra research for my own curiosity.

Scientific Communication: This competency was for communication of how well you show the real scientific interactions using the proper terms. I think that I definitely could have done a better job with adding more scientific interaction and used more scientific language.

Evaluating: This final competency was based off of an understanding and appreciating the evidence given. I think that I have shown this by creating a fun experience to show what my research has yielded.


I hope that you enjoyed my blog post on my latest project!