Chemistry coding


Today is yet another reflection blog post today I will be reflecting on the last project that we had in scimatics for this project we were asked to code a game using scratch that demonstrates the movement of atoms and molecules and show the Connecticut molecular theory in some way

here are some images of the project and some of the code that I used




Now I will reflect on the coricular competencies

Questioning and predicting:

During the project I demonstrated this by using my class time well and focusing on the task of coding the game I stayed on task most of the time I had troubles when I was done all the code and I didn’t know what to do so I decided to play some other scratch games to help generate ideas and some times when I thought that I was done I would game I will try my best to game less on the next project

scientific communication:

I demonstrated this competency by using 2 atoms neon and oxygen I demonstrated the movement by showing them moving faster and slower depending on the tempature of the atoms I also showed that when they get really cold they stop moving all together since they are frozen I used the

reasoning and analyzing:

in my project I showed this competency by creating a pong game that has touch controls and keyboard controls so that you can change the tempature of the atoms I also made it so that the background changes depending on the tempature of the atoms

thank you for listening to my blog post if you would like to play the game that I created then go to this ling atom pong





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