Blogging Challenge 6 Emoji

Hi for this blogging challenge we were given the emoji theme and a. Few different tasks emoji story prompt, emoji math, emoji art, and the one I picked emoji guessing game. Making the emoji game wasn’t that hard I just used the handy dandy website Survey monkey the reason I used survey monkey is one because it’s just a very good website for survey and it’s easy to collect and sort information and two because recently I found out it had a quiz function so when figuring out what to use for my guessing game. The hardest part of making my emoji guessing game was probably coming up with the movies to use because even though I watch a crap load of movies I was just blanking but I think I came up with a few good ones.

Overall I think this week’s blogging challenge was fun but I would have preferred a different theme because this one was used last year too but overall I enjoyed doing this blog post. If you want to do my survey you can find it here

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