Ultimate design challenge

The ultimate design challenge

For the past month and a bit my class and I have been working on a project about surface area and volume that we called The Ultimate Design Challenge. You might be thinking how can you make a project about surface area and volume, we had a group of 3 people and we had to design and 3-D print an object. We had to calculate surface area and volume and aim towards one more than the other. We had to come up with a couple ideas before we got into groups my ideas were a mini home a pool or maybe a suitcase. After that we got into groups of 3 or less my group members were  Amy and Kate you can go check out their  blogs if you want. After consulting with my group we decided to redesign a plane bathroom because nobody likes plane bathrooms and they are so small. 

These are my ideas

My group and i created a 3D design of a airplane bathroom the bathroom was meant to get maximum volume and minimal surface area, we each made different parts of the bathroom I made a mirror and the room Amy made the sink and Kate made the toilet. We made all the calculations that we needed, for the toilet we were going for maximum volume but it didn’t get there the toilet looked good but it didn’t meet the expectations this was because we used more long skinny objects rather than wide fat objects, the sink was also going for maximum volume but it also didn’t meet the expectations the sink ended up with more surface area than volume like the toilet we used to many long and skinny objects that have more surface area than volume, lastly the room and the mirror the bathroom was going for maximum volume and this did happen but only by a little bit the volume and area numbers were very similar but it did work, the mirror was going for maximum surface area and in the end it did get there and I was really happy with it. 


For this project we were working with 3 competencies reasoning and analyzing, applying and innovating, and lastly communications. I am going to write a short paragraph explaining how I used them what I did good and what I can improve on. 

Analyzing and Reasoning

This means model mathematics in contextualized experiences I used this a ton because we had to understand and study the formulas of volume and surface area. I believe that I can improve on this skill because I didn’t really try my hardest to understand the math and what it is used for but I did apply this well into my project. 

Applying and Innovating 

This means to contribute care for self, others, community, and world through personal or collaborative approaches this is a very important competency for this project because we were working in groups and we had to work well together to get the best final product. I believe I portrayed this well I worked well with my team and we all gave good advice to one another so that we all loved what we made and were proud of it as a team. 

Communicating and Representing 

We had to explained and justify mathematical ideas and decisions I think I did this well but only in the presentation that we did after we had finished the project. We had to present our final project to the class and explain how we got there using our ultimate goal, what we needed to do to get there, and what mathematic equations we used in the end to get there. 

Thanks for reading my post I hope you enjoyed my 3D creation of an airplane bathroom 🧡