Hello and welcome back to another blog post! My name is Sam and I will be talking about the Week 5 Student blogging challenges. Week 5 is mainly about getting to know your readers.

In this week’s challenge, we have 4 options. I chose to do 2 out of the 4. My choices were to make a Poll and a 2 types of people quiz.

If you want to do the google form about sports polls, feel free to do it. If your not interested, here are some more fun stuff about the 2 Types of people quiz!

Which Type Are You?

Pizza with Crust           Pizza without Crust


PS4                               Xbox


Nike                              Adidas


One Piece at a Time      A Bite at a Time


Cut Sandwich like This     Cut Sandwich like This


Anyways, I had fun making these pictures and the Poll. Stay tuned for more student blogging challenges and feel free to comment! Bye.