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Today I will be talking about 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes including

triangles, squares, cylinders, cubes, cuboids and prisms and Tinkercad.

I shall be informing you about the project known as

THE ULTIMATE DESIGN CHALLENGE!..challenge..challenge..challenge

So, we had to make a 3D object in an app called Tinkercad (a 3D modelling app) that was designed to have a maximized surface area or volume. I decided to maximize surface area as I was making a lunch box. I’m not sure I really understood why we were looking at maximizing areas and volumes, so I just chose a random thing and put different foods in made from shapes.


I had 11 main shapes which I used to form this beautiful creation

here I have dissected my lunch so you can see all shapes



In milestone one and two we developed an understanding of formulas through the workbooks we did and textbooks we read. I had done this all before in England in grades 5, 6, and 7 so I found it easy. We then used this knowledge in milestone 3 to calculate and find the volume and surface area of each and every shape. I have worked before on finding areas and volumes of complex shapes so this was pretty basic.




after that I had to make a

drumroll please




here it is


Did you like it

I know

I’m hella cringey


I don’t feel I learnt a great deal from this project as I knew the maths elements already and I didn’t really get why we were doing the design part other than using a new app.

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