Full steam ahea-poetry?

So this a project that i just completed in my humanities class, and this project was about learning about the industrial revolution and how it changed the lives of people forever including inventions, changes to society how it has effected how we move around, live our lives and how much we pollute the environment.

So obviously to write a poem about the industrial Revolution we needed to understand what it is/was and how it has effected everything, what kickstarted it, where it started (in Britain, and yes i refuse to call it “great” Britain because i do not like the country). So the industrial Revolution was a large cultural, political, societal and economic kickstarted by an industrialized change of manufacturing of goods from hand to machine or factory. An other big part of the industrial Revolution was the fact that it became more widespread to have children in a workplace environment, and before there were children in a workplace but it was not as widespread and it was more common for children to be an apprentice then to be a factory worker. Some important inventions that came out of the industrial revolution were but not limited to: the steam engine, the incandescent light, the combustion engine, the spinning jenny and the telegraph.

So that was a brief summary of the industrial Revolution but we still had to learn about the poetry aspect of our project and we learned about slam poetry specifically. This part of the project i missed a bit of so here is a summary of what slam poetry is and what we did while i was at school. A slam poetry is poetry performed at a slam and this may sound redundant at first but let me elaborate, by definition slam poetry is a form of poetry that combines competition, audience involvement, performance and writing. When performing a slam poem the artist/ performer is often very passionate with the delivery, has ebbs and flows with emotional ups and downs of the poem and focuses on a certain topic.

So that is a summary and explanation of what this project was and here is my poem:

The steam engine is all good right?

Well that is what most would think.

But is that what we should think?

Don’t get me wrong the steam engine is great

I mean it gives us the electricity we need to make everything from phones to plates.

So good or bad, right or wrong this is what we must decide

But the steam engine has lead to genocide

The steam engine had lead to faster mail

So that makes some of the downsides pale

But to be serious there are things to discuss

Like the fossil fuels pollutions from the waste that it spews

The trees that are cut down, think about the yews 

The steam engine has lead to rail roads build and peoples hurt

It has lead to faster mail and better communication and locomotion

But is this worth the fossils fuels burnt?

So to finish off the steam engine is great 

But we must reconcile and re-pair some of the bad things that have been done

Now there are the things that must be done even if they are not fun

The steam engine is a great thing but we need to make sure that we keep the pollution under control 

And maker that we do what we need to do. What ever the case we need to make sure that it gets done.

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