Was the Haitian revolution a success or a flop?

the point of this project was to argue with an other group about whether a revolution was a success. My group was the Haitian revolution and the side that we had to argue is that it was successful, but i do also agree with this because after reading the sad state the enslaved people of Haiti were in and i fell bad for them, with that out of the way the next paragraph will be about the project.

So the first part of this project is all ready talked about in more detail, but the first thing that we did for this project was a simulation and in the this simulation is was a Middle Ages European style so kings, peasants, law officers/ army and finally store keepers/ owners. So the event that made this specialty was the fact that there was a food shortage so things got very hectic durning the last days of the simulation so there was murders over food and stuff and weapons were for sale and there was murder.

 So once we had a little bit of perspective about how bad life would be back then if you were not at the top of the pile when it comes to social status and how much it sucked we had to research about our revolution and the living conditions and what pre-lying condition caused the people to revolt. 

So the people in Haiti who revolted where the enslaved Africans who were kidnaped from their homes and forced to to harsh labour in the french Haitian colony. The mortalities rates in the Haitian colony were extremely high, as they were the highest out of any slave colony at the time, and it was a truly horrible place to be. The things that the enslaved people were forced do multiple different things but a big thing was manual labor including but not limited to: sugar, indigo, coffee, cacao and cotton. They were forced to toil in hot and horrible conditions and many died.

The slavers were a majority of the time white french people, mostly men, but sometimes women and occasionally they were enslaved by freed people of African and white decent.

So now onto what my group did for the final project. What we did for our court trial was create an affidavit and the other group did as well. We gathered evidence and did all of the mock legal proceedings and we then recorded our part of arguing our reasoning to the judge and the other group did the same. You can see the video by clicking the link to the right. IMG_2150 .You find my group members blog posts here. Brooke. Sydney. Dylan.

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