Learning Portfoilio

Hi everyone ,my name is Claire and I am a PLP learner .

While doing these activities in PLP I have learnt a lot about myself as a PLP learner .These activities/projects include Laptop Memoji ,User Manual ,Dream board, Bucket list and digital selfie .

These activities help identifying who I am and things I like .And helped me build my tech skills.

Laptop Memoji :This helped me practice my keynote skills that would be very important later on .An example being using instant alpha to remove the background of a photo making it transparent .We used this skill to make stickers for our laptop .

User Manual :This helped me understand myself a bit better .By writing about myself in third person and writing sort of a guide to using me .I identified and remembered a lot of things about myself like my likes and dislikes .I also learnt how to use pages better.

Dreamboard :This identify what I daydream about and what I want to do in the future .And the other activities with the dream-board helped me find set goals to achieving my big dream .I have even started to work towards my goal because of this activity .

Bucket list : In this activity we made a list of want we want to do in our lives before we die .And it makes me think more about the stuff i could do in my lifetime .And its like making dreams come to reality because some of the things on my list are crazy.

Digital selfie :This project helped me understand my ipad camera more .I now know how to make things brighter and use photo timer .



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