6 Things you may not know about snowboarding


1)Snowboarding was inspired other sports

Moder snowboarding was created in the 1960s by Sherman Poppen, who developed a toy for his children by combining two skis together .
He also added a rope so they could control the board when going downhill .
Over the next decade, Poppen and a manufacturer soldmore than a million snuffers.
In 1977, Jake Burton impressed the crowd with bindings he used to secure his feet on the board at a snuffing competition .
In that same year he founded burton snowboards ,which is now one of the first and most popular snowboard brands .

2) Some resorts used to banned snowboarding

Most North American ski resorts banned snowboarding in the 1980s because of insurance and liability.
They also didn’t have the best reputation because a ski patrol worker stated on TV “They’re endangering the public and possibly themselves!” At least the sport was more accepted in Europe.
However, as snowboarding gained popularity, so did its reputation, and it was no longer banned.


3) There are risk involved in snowboarding 

The majority of snowboarders who are injured are beginners .
Beginners have an increased risk of fractures and injures because they fall frequently .
A lot of snowboarders get injured because they constantly have to use every muscle in their body to shift weigh, turn, stop, and balance
But compared to skiers, snowboarders are 50% -70% more likely to get injured, but less likely to die .


4) The tallest mountain to go snowboarding 

With an elevation of 18,360 feet, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the tallest snow mountain in the world to snowboard on.
There is a cable way up to the peak, which is over 4500m high. There are also many old thousand-year glaciers.
It is easy to see why it is so popular with skiers and snowboarders.


5) Richest place to go snowboarding


Besides being one of the most expensive snowboarding destinations in Switzerland, Gstaad also boasts 220km of trails and 57 lifts, so you can call it a snowboarder’s paradise.
It also has some of the finest shopping in Switzerland, five-star hotels, and restaurants.


6) Most influential snowboarders in the world 

Jake Burton ,Shawn White ,and Terje Hakonsen

The company was founded by Jake Burton, who was inspired by snowboarders and built the snowboard we know today. As of 2018, Burton accounts for about 32% of snowboard sales worldwide.

Snowboarder Shaun White holds the world record for the most X Games gold medals and Olympic gold medals.

While Terje never officially retired, it was rare to see him compete after 1990. He now records films and works for sponsors.

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