Politics, Debates, and Some Boys on an Island

We have just finished our final unit in PLP this year and it was a big one. We learned about many things including human nature, politics, and how to debate. When we first learned about this unit I… Read More

Job Shadow

Every year in Planning 10 there is a big assignment every student has to do. For this assignment you have to contact someone with a job that you might like and shadow them for a day. We do… Read More

BC Tech Summit

Recently my class was very lucky to get the opportunity to go to the BC Tech Summit. The BC Tech Summit is an event where tech companies from all over North America come to show how technology is… Read More

Perspectives of WWII

We have just finished a huge unit in PLP. In this unit we learned about WWII which was a very significant event in Canada’s history. Our curriculum only says that we have to learn about Canada’s perspective of… Read More

All The Light We Cannot See: Book Review

For this unit we are learning about WWII. Everyone in the class had to pick a book to read that is based during WWII. This helped us to learn how different countries viewed WWII as each book showed… Read More


Everything around us is a disruption. It may not be disrupting you but everything is disrupting something. The main focus of our current unit in PLP is disruption. We have learned the definition of disruption and different types… Read More

High Tech High

As you may know, PLP uses project based learning. PBL uses projects instead of tests for the students to show their learning. In my opinion it is a better way to show your learning because you actually get… Read More

Everyone Has a Story

You don’t have to have traveled around the world or saved someone’s life to have an interesting story. You would be surprised how interesting the little stories you have are and how much they could affect someone. Before… Read More

Summer of Love

Throughout history many different things and events have disrupted life on earth. In PLP we are currently working on a unit about technology and how it has acted as a disruption throughout history. The main question for this… Read More

Sins of the City: Immigration

In PLP we just finished an amazing unit. Our school is in North Vancouver so for this unit we learned about some of the sins, or social injustices, that Vancouver has had in the past and present. Coming… Read More

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