The Most Important Parts of Canadian History

Recently in PLP our class did a unit on the most important parts of Canadian history. We learned about everything from colonization and imperialism in early Canada to the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Our unit started… Read More

The Things I Carry

We have recently started a health and career unit. Most grade 9’s do this unit throughout the year but we have it included in PLP so we have to do it at the end of the year. At… Read More

Frankenstuffy Epistolary Story 

                                                                           … Read More

My Future

In health and career this week we learned about Careers and Education. This was the first time I have ever really thought about my future and what I want to do after I graduate higschool. The project for… Read More


In school we recently fisnished an interesting and engaging unit of study.  In this unit we worked on Math, Science, and PLP. Our question of inquiry was, Who is in control, Humans or the environment? In math we… Read More

You are What you Eat

       I just watched four very informative videos on health and the foods we eat and I am honestly shocked. These videos taught me so much about the foods we eat and their affects on us… Read More

Worlds of Fantasy

         My favourite unit this year was a unit full of magic. We did a unit on what makes something fantasy and it was fantastic. The project for this unit was to make a video… Read More

A Table full of Inspiration

         In class we were talking about what people need to become leaders. A very important thing they need is good role models. It is important to have good role models because they can help… Read More

Canada Eh!

     Oh Canada! It is such an amazing place here. Canada is such a wonderful place and I’m sure it has different meanings for everyone. Canada for some people could be the place where they were born… Read More

Wonderful Wonder

      In PLP we just started a new unit on Fantasy. We will be exploring the meaning of fantasy, what makes something Fantasy, and why fantasy is important. I feel like this unit will be exciting… Read More

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