Making interesting images

This is a blog post about……….. interesting images (no award if you had guessed that). For this blog post I will just talk a little bit about some of the skills that I learned in this project. The first skill that we learned about was ae lock and brightness. We had also learned about the rule of thirds. Then we learned how to make a silhouette (mine is below) using a bright light and the lowest possible brightness. The last thing that we had learned was how use the panorama feature.

I feel that the answer to the driving question of “How might I use still images to create and communicate through technology?”

Is that you are able to use emotion to communicate. you can make a very normal looking scene happier, scarier or more sad by changing the brightness, temperature or shade of the scene. I think that you can shift any images emotion using technology.

“Thats all folks” – Porky the Pig

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