How to play video games

The topic that I chose to do is video games because I am very knowledgeable in this topic. For this blog post I decided to do my how I geek out component. When I get my geek on it usually starts with me playing with some of my friends. The other way that I get my geek on is when I post, record and upload my videos. I highly recommend that you watch, like and subscribe to my channel (the link ➡️ The one other way that I get my geek one is by watching other peoples YouTube videos and livestreams. The three games that I watch the most about are call of duty Warzone, Minecraft and legends of Zelda breath of the wild.

This part is the let me teach you part. The basic introduction to video games that will give focus on is call of duty, as that is my highest skilled game. The basic introduction that I would recommend is working on aiming and shooting. If you have good aim you are guaranteed to do well. The other thing that i would teach is to have good game sense. To train your game sense I would recommend that you try to pay attention to audio clues like footsteps, reloading and healing. This allows you to get the easy and sneaky kills. The last skill that you need to learn is to be aggressive and not care about losing. The game doesn’t matter and it is just for fun.


I feel that the blogging progress went well. I was easily able to transfer my information from the brainstorm to the post. I easily was able to write all my parts without struggle. 

I felt that the work was some what different from work in the past and yet also the exact same. It was different since you were almost writing for other people. I sort of enjoyed this project because it shows off my skills. Personally I feel that the easiest part was turn my brainstorm into writing and the hardest was brainstorming. I will definitely keep posting to my blog since I have to for school.

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