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This first maker project was all about our trip to alberta, and the project that comes with it. We had to answer the driving question of “how has the geography of the west shaped us into who we are.” To answer this question we made a series of videos, one that we did before the trip, called the at home video. The at home video was a video about what inspires us. We had to add things about what inspire us, and what we look forward to in the future. The link to this video is here –>

The second video was the silent video. In this video we were put into groups of four, then filmed the clips for the video in the three valley gap ghost town. I enjoyed this video the most, because I found that filming the video was fun, and i felt like the most professional video, and filming area. I enjoyed picking out areas that fit our script best, which was a bank robbery. We used the bank the most, then used some parts of the train station. Anyone who like to watch the video, the link is right here –> 

The third video that used clips from all over Alberta was the Tik Tok video. In this video we made a short form video, and my partner and i made a video of transitions from one beautiful place to another. I found that this video was fun because we got to make clean transitions, and got to take lots of short videos, and then were able to choose which ones we liked best. If anyone would like to see this video i have the link here –>

The final video was the investigative video. This video was the final video, meant to fully capture the essence of the project and answer the driving question of “How has the geography of the west shaped who we are”. I found that this video was a good final project, because it we showed how we answered  our own thesis statement that we made at the beginning of the project. My thesis statement was “people visit the Rockies to see a natural beauty that is found nowhere else” this statement was the either proved, or disproved by my interview. Any who would like to see the video is here —>

I feel that we learned about planning our videos in groups, and also about letting everyone add their ideas to the project and working on those kinds of plans. We also learned about how to properly film our video, but also be able to act out the scenes. I found that this was most evident in the silent video were expressions were a big storytelling part since there was no sound.

This was our first maker project of the semester,looking forward to the next one. till next time readers, Jannik 

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